Tonight we will watch the HOH on Big Brother 21 unfold on the live feeds. If you don’t have the live feeds, you can keep refreshing this page for our Big Brother spoilers for the HOH comp kicking off week 5 of Big Brother!  You can also sign up with the live feeds right here and take advantage of the one-week free trial and watch along with us!

This HOH is called Pose In Ivy, they have to hold onto ropes and if they fall they are eliminated. When they are eliminated, they have to pull a chip from a punishment box and two HGs will get some sort of punishment.

9:58 PM EST – Jessica fell during the final commercial break from the show.

10:00 PM EST – Nicole fell as the show was ending.

10:06 PM EST – Sam is down.

10:08 PM EST – Christie is down.

10:10 PM EST – Nick is down.

10:16 PM EST – Christie mentions wondering if she will need to wear a costume.

10:20 PM EST – Jack is down.

10:32 PM EST – Tommy is down.

10:37 PM EST – Sounds like Tommy picked the other punishment chip.

10:51 PM EST – Jackson peed himself while holding on.

11:08 PM EST – Kat’s foot fell out of her stirrup, but she is still in it.

11:10 PM EST – Kat got her foot back into her stirrup.

11:20 PM EST – Kat loses her stirrup and then recovers again.

11:22 PM EST – Jackson is down.

11:23 PM EST – Kat is down.

12:12 PM EST – Analyse is down.

Holly is our HOH for Week 5!

HOH Comp for Week 5 Gallery:

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