With the Big Brother 21 live feeds going live tonight, we were expecting to get some spoilers and we did! We found out who Christie put on the block for week one! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which two HGs are on the chopping block. you can also find out who the target is going into the Power of Veto competition below.

When the feeds came on, all the HGs were talking in the kitchen or bathroom. Holly and Isabella were talking about how Kathryn needs to calm down or she is going to ensure that she goes home this week. Kathryn also talked to Jessica about who she would pick to play in the POV if she got HG choice. During the audio leak of the feeds, Christie talked about using Cliff as a pawn. Cliff being nominated was confirmed just a short time ago on the feeds. So with all that being said:

Week 1 Nominees are:

  • Kathryn
  • Cliff

It sounds like Christie stuck to her plan of putting Kathryn and Cliff on the block. Based on the audio leak earlier in the week, it sounds like Kathryn is her target. Kathryn has made it clear to Jessica and Jackson that she has to win the POV, but she trusts that if one of them gets picked and wins, that they would save her with it.

The only way I see this working is if the alliances have shifted or if Kathryn and Jackson are in a showmance, both of which are completely possible. We shall see what happens throughout the next few days on the Big Brother Live Feeds! Stay tuned for the POV player pick and competition results which should be coming up within the next few days! 

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