There is a new HOH in charge in the Big Brother 21 house and there have been discussions about who they want to target this week. However, they are worried they don’t have the support to get their target out. Find out who they nominated and who their target is right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Cliff is the HOH this week and has been talking a lot about making a big move because he doesn’t know if he will have the chance to do it later. Gosh, I wish more people played Big Brother like him. The talks in the house implied that he was going to target Jack this week and the Six Shooters have been scrambling since putting the clues together.

Which HG did Cliff put up next to Jack? Let’s find out!

The Nominations for Week 4 are:

  • Jack
  • Jackson

Jack is Cliff’s main target this week, but in the event that Jack comes off the block with the help of the POV, it looks like Jackson could be a backup plan. If Jack comes off, the likelihood of someone else going up from Six Shooters is pretty high unless one of them wins the POV and Christie uses her power to put Nick or Bella up instead.

It could definitely be an interesting week with Cliff in the HOH room, but with this power in play, can he still pull off getting rid of one of the Six Shooters? We will have to wait and see who wins the POV tomorrow!

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