With a new HOH in power on Big Brother 21, one side of the house was really nervous going into this nomination ceremony. After a series of one on ones, the HOH has now made their nominations and I have the Big Brother spoilers for you below! Keep reading to get all the details of what happened at the nomination ceremony on Big Brother for week 6!

With Jessica in the HOH this week, we kind of knew going into today that she was going to target two big threats in the house. After the house went to shambles yesterday, the question was, who is the biggest threat to her game?

During her one on ones, Jessica made it clear that she wasn’t going to backdoor anyone and she hoped that if someone other than one of the nominees won the POV, that her decision would be respected. I’m not sure what house she is living in, but I guess we will see what happens with that one over the next couple of days. She said that she wanted to give her choices a fair shot and a fighting chance to stay in the house and after hours of heavy implications of who she was going to put up, her nominations have been confirmed!

The Nominees for Week 6 are:

  • Jackson
  • Jack

We knew that this was a possibility and Christie has given Jessica her word that she wouldn’t use her power unless it was to save herself. Unless she starts to unravel and think that she is a BD target, she might keep her word. Especially if she thinks that Jackson is the true target, however, it’s really Jack. I will have POV spoilers for you throughout the day tomorrow. In the meantime, tell me what you think of Jessica’s decision to put Jack and Jackson up on the block together and give them both a fighting chance?

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