Jackson is the HOH for week 10 of Big Brother and he has nominated Christie and Jessica for eviction this week. The Power of Veto Ceremony has happened inside the Big Brother 21 house and we now know if the nominations stayed the same or changed this week. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out who the final nominees for week 10 are right here!

Jackson has made it clear that Jessica is his target this week on Big Brother 21 and put Christie on the block knowing that he would get the votes from Cliff, Holly, and Nicole in order to get Jessica out without having to rely on anyone else.

Tommy told Jackson early in the week that he would consult with Jackson before using the POV if he won it. However, when Tommy won the POV, we knew that this plan would have to change because we all knew that Tommy was going to use it on Christie this week. So did Tommy use the POV? Of course he did, but here is who ended up on the block in her place.

The POV Ceremony Results for Week 10 are:

  • Tommy used the POV on Christie
  • Jackson named Cliff his renom
  • Cliff and Jessica are final noms for week 10

There you have it. Tommy did exactly what we thought he would and took Christie off the block. As of right now, Jessica is still the target for the week, but as we know, it could change. I will keep you posted throughout the week.

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