We all watched as Jack won HOH on Big Brother 21 Wednesday night. Yesterday, we found out on the Big Brother live feeds who Jack put up for eviction. Now it’s time to find out who will be joining them in the Power of Veto comp coming up later today. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers for all the details!

Yesterday we found out that Jack went with his plan to nominate Jess and Kemi and while Kemi would have been his target if it was last week, it is looking like Jess might actually be the one they are going after.

This comes after Bella went to Jack and told Jack all about the all-girl alliance, but told him that it was all Jess’s idea. The only way for one of these two to guarantee their safety this week is for them to win the POV themselves. So who will they be going up against?

Power of Veto Players for Week 2 are:

  • Jack (HOH)
  • Jess & Kemi (Noms)
  • Michie, Bella, and Sam
  • Nick is hosting

With these HGs competing it looks like the odds are the noms will stay the same unless Jess or Kemi win it. Michie isn’t going to use it. Bella isn’t going to use it because she isn’t going to want to put that target on her back. Sam isn’t feeling good and has already said that he doesn’t want to win it, but he said he is going to try.

The POV comp will be coming up at some point today, I will keep you all posted when the results come in!

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