It is Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 21 house and Holly was joined by this week’s nominees and three other HGs in this week’s POV competition. With it being Prank Week in the Big Brother house, it seemed suitable for Zingbot to come and roast the HGs and it seems like they had a blast! While we will have to wait to hear about all the Zings, we don’t have to wait to find out who won the POV! Get your Big Brother spoilers below!

With Holly in the HOH room and Nick winning America’s Prankster, each of them got to pick a nominee. For Holly, Nick was her target going into week 9 so essentially, Nick got to pick who he sat next to on the block. Nick picked Christie as his nominee and now it’s up to them to win this week’s POV to take themselves off the block. Jackson, Cliff, and Jessica were all picked to play along with Holly, Nick, and Christie and they all know that Holly would prefer the noms stay the same.

Will the noms stay the same or will Nick or Christie come off the block during Monday’s POV Ceremony?

The Power of Veto Winner for Week 9 is:

  • Jackson

Nick spilled the beans about him being the Prankster to Jackson who then told Holly. Nick told Jackson that he would never put Jackson up, he wanted to put someone up that he could beat. He is hoping that Jackson would use the POV to take Christie off so that he could put someone else up that he could definitely beat in a vote. However, Jackson tells Holly that he will not use the POV because he knows how bad she wants Nick gone this week. It was also revealed that Nick came in second in today’s POV comp.

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