It was Monday, which meant that the Power of Veto Ceremony was set to happen inside the Big Brother All-Stars house. Before and after POV Ceremony took place, there were a lot of conversations inside the Big Brother house about alliances, the vote on Thursday night, and HGs are trying to figure out who is working with who inside the house. Keep reading to get all your Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds right here!

There is a shift in the alliance that surrounds Cody happening. One of the first conversations we heard on the feeds yesterday was Memphis asking Cody what he thought about replacing Bayleigh with Nicole F. Cody was all for it.

After that, Cody goes and talks to Kevin in the HN room. Cody tells Kevin that from what all the other HGs are telling him, they are all feeling really good about keeping Kevin in the house. When Cody leaves the room, Kevin talks to himself for a while, trying to convince himself that Cody isn’t being shady in any way.

Memphis had a conversation with Tyler about replacing Bay in the alliance with Nicole F. Tyler said that he wasn’t sure how Bay would feel about working with him anyway because he burned her in their season. Memphis also talks about bringing Dani and Christmas into their alliance which would bring their number up to six.

Enzo and Nicole A are talking in one of the bedrooms about the POV Ceremony. Enzo tells her that he is keeping Kevin safe this week, just not with the POV. He says that he isn’t going to use the POV, but he is going to vote to keep Kevin in the house. Enzo adds that he thinks it would suck if Kevin went because Keesha has someone from her season in the house and Kevin doesn’t. He also feels like Kevin is doing a great job talking to everyone in the house.

Keesha is counting her votes with Day and she tells Day that she thinks she has six votes. After Keesha leaves the room, Enzo comes in and Day tells him that Keesha says she has six votes. He tells her that he knows that there are people lying to her.

Feeds cut for the POV Ceremony, when they came back up we find out that Enzo didn’t use the POV and the noms stayed the same. It’s time for Keesha and Kevin to hit the campaign trail.

Ian and Nicole A have a chat in the HN room about what next week could look like. Ian is worried that Kevin could be the target next week. He adds that it would suck for Kevin to leave this week, but he really likes Keesha too. This leads Nicole A to believe that Ian might try and keep Keesha in the house this week.

When Ian leaves the room, Nicole A talks to herself about how dumb it would be for Ian to try and keep Keesha. She thinks that Ian is lying to her about that to make it look like he isn’t working with Cody and whatever alliance he has brewing. She says “it would be foolish for him to do this” because once they get rid of Kevin, they are going to get rid of people like Kevin. Ian and Nicole A included. She says she “can’t do this again” and talks herself into a circle before leaving the HN room to join the rest of the HGs outside.

Kaysar and Nicole A talk quickly in the bathroom. He tells her that he is happy she is feeling better and that he was worried about her for a while (she was really sick on Sunday). Talks turn to votes and Kaysar tells her that he hasn’t made a decision yet on who he’s voting for because he likes them both. He says that everyone is talking about voting with the house so they don’t cause any waves this early.

Memphis and Dani talk about their alliance of six and how they can have eyes everywhere in the house with that group.

Dani and Nicole A talk about the vote. Dani asks her if she is voting to keep Kevin this week and Nicole A says she thinks so. He doesn’t really have anyone in the house. Dani agrees. Dani tries to get Nicole A to talk about who she would put up if she won HOH, but Nicole A isn’t telling her anything.

Memphis talks to Christmas a little later and they talk about Janelle. Christmas thinks that Janelle has Dani on her side, but Memphis doesn’t think so. He tells Christmas that Janelle is a snake though and will probably help Keesha campaign. Memphis then proposes the alliance to her and she is all for it because Tyler’s name was mentioned and she already has a secret deal with him.

Nicole A and Memphis talk about the vote. He tells her that he is the reason Keesha was voted out of their season so there wouldn’t be any love loss there. He tells her that he doesn’t really care which one of them goes this week.

Kevin and Day talk and Kevin thinks that the vote is going to be close. Day tells him that Keesha only has four votes. He thinks that Memphis is campaigning for Keesha and Day says that’s because Keesha is a vote for him if he ever ends up on the block. Day tells Kevin that Memphis and Nicole must be talking game because the cameras just turned to them. Kevin says he is going to interrupt them.

Dani tells Bay that she wants Kevin to stay this week. Bayleigh tells her she does too. Bayleigh talks to Christmas and Christmas tells her that neither Kevin nor Keesha have come to talk to her. She adds that if they don’t come to talk to her, it will be a coin toss decision for her come time to vote.

Day tells Kaysar that she is sick of everyone wanting to talk about past seasons. She wants to talk about this season. Kaysar tells her that he doesn’t believe for a second that no one is talking game in the house. Day agrees. They talk about the noms and which one they prefer. Day says she doesn’t prefer one over the other. Kaysar mentions that neither of them does anything for his personal game and his only focus at this point is HOH.

Kevin tells Nicole A that if he wins HOH he is going to make a decision that is going to divide the house. He is going to go after whoever he thinks is responsible for him going on the block. He says he doesn’t think it was Cody alone and he is starting to believe that Memphis had something to do with it.

Christmas talks to Cody about the alliance Memphis pitched to her. She tells him that she likes the idea of working with all of them and then pitches that they should keep Keesha this week. She tells him that she is more beatable later. Cody tells her that he has only talked to Kevin so far.

Cody talks to Nicole F later and tells her that he trusts Christmas, but isn’t sure about Dani. He also warns her about Enzo and Nicole F adds that she doesn’t trust Ian. Nicole F says that Keesha would be easier to beat. She adds that she wants to find out who Janelle wants to keep and do the opposite. Nicole adds that she thinks that Bay and Day might have had a pregame alliance. Nicole F also tells him that she suspects that Janelle would put her and Cody up if she wins HOH.

Cody talks to Dani and Dani tells him that she is worried about Nicole F. He tells her that the only one targeting Nicole F is Janelle and he isn’t worried about her even though they don’t talk game. Cody tells Dani that Christmas wants to keep Keesha and Dani says that’s because Memphis wants to as well.

As you can see, the HGs are still very undecided about who will be voted out this week. It could make for some interesting conversations on the feeds, that’s for sure! What do you think about this big alliance with Cody, Tyler, Memphis, Nicole F, Dani, and Christmas?

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