There still seems to be a little bit of wavering when it comes to this week’s vote on Big Brother 22, but it still seems that the original plan is a go. Both of this week’s nominees on Big Brother All-Stars have people convincing them they are safe, but only one of them could stay. Find out which one the HGs are leaning towards keeping right here with our Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds.

The HGs got their wake-up call just after 10 am on Tuesday and the first conversation to happen was between Christmas and Memphis. They talked about how close they were to getting Nicole to use the Power of Veto this week (they weren’t close at all). Memphis tells Christmas that at this point he just hopes that their business takes off and they can make the half-million dollars that way. Christmas thinks that if they launch by the spring, it’s totally doable with her fitness following and their Big Brother fans. Talks turn to them making a deal to terrorize whichever house they end up in next week.

Memphis tells Nicole that if he stays, he would like to have a conversation with her about how they can make it to F2. He says he doesn’t want to have the conversation now, because he doesn’t want to get ahead of himself, but they do need to talk. When Memphis walks away, Nicole mumbles to herself “that’s actually pretty dang interesting.”

The HGs spent a lot of time lounging by the pool and enjoying the yard while they still had it. The backyard was closed at 1:45 PM BBT and the HGs all headed inside.

Christmas goes into the lounge and camtalks about how not using the POV was not a smart game move by Nicole. She talks about how Competition Christmas is here and that we all need to buckle up because Competition Christmas is terrifying. She talks about how her best bet is to win HOH, but if she doesn’t and Cody wins POV, she hopes he will use it on her (she actually believes that there is a chance for this).

Memphis talks to Enzo about how important it is for one of them to win HOH this week. He says if they do, there is no reason the three of them (him, Enzo, and Cody) could make it to F3. Cody comes in and Memphis reiterates all of this to him. When Memphis leaves the room, Enzo tells Cody that he thinks they should get rid of Christmas this week because he really believes that Memphis would cut Niocle next week. Cody doesn’t think so and thinks that Memphis is likely to take Nicole to F2 over either of them because he thinks he can beat her. Enzo mentions that Christmas is doing better in comps than Memphis is right now, but Cody says that Memphis and Christmas were neck and neck in this last one.

Cody tells Enzo that Memphis isn’t loyal to any deals he puts in place and that he is only worried about his game and who he can beat in the end. Cody thinks that Memphis feels Nicole is his best bet because she has already won and no one in jury is going to vote for her to win again.

Christmas checks in with Nicole about Cody and his vote. She tells Nicole that Enzo has reassured her that she is safe with him, but she hasn’t talked to Cody yet. Nicole tells her that she hasn’t had a chance to either, but she is sure that Cody will be voting to keep Christmas this week. Nicole tells Christmas that she couldn’t let Memphis know that he was the target this week because if she did, he would work on convincing the guys to keep him and he might be able to convince them if he tried hard enough.

Enzo tells Cody that he feels like Christmas is HOH this week because she has been up there so consistently. Cody says that her game is really transparent and she is only up there to kiss ass. Enzo notes how everyone left in the house has made it to F4 or better in their previous seasons.

Nicole asks Cody if he thinks that getting rid of Memphis is the right move this week and Cody tells her he isn’t sure. He asks her what she is thinking and she tells him that she is worried that Christmas will win HOH.

Meanwhile, Enzo is talking to Christmas about how Memphis is going this week and they need to stick together. He tells Christmas that it has to be the two of them in F2 if they stand a chance at winning this season. Christmas tells him that she will keep him over Nicole of Cody next week. Enzo mentions that Nicole and Cody came into his game with some kind of deal in place. Christmas noted that they both had the same mentor (Derrick). Enzo tells her that he has a good relationship with Cody, but knows that he won’t beat him in the end. Christmas tells him that if she wins the POV, she will protect Enzo, but Cody has to go.

Memphis wonders to Cody why Christmas seems so calm this week. Cody says that he doesn’t know what to tell Christmas about his vote this week because she spent so much time trying to get him BD’d this week. Memphis says that he knows she was trying to have him BD’d, so just tell her that he has to do what’s best for his game. Talks turn to them getting to F3 with Enzo and then cutting him and when Memphis leaves the room, Cody mumbles that this is going to be an interesting one (the vote when Memphis is evicted).

There wasn’t much game talk for the rest of the evening other than Nicole telling Cody that Enzo let Christmas know that Cody was voting to keep her. Cody wasn’t happy about hearing that. The HGs just hung out playing charades and Cody baked cookies. It seems like the plan is still to vote out Memphis this week. Not sure if Nicole questioning things will change anything, but we still have some time before Thursday’s eviction.

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