It was Finale Eve inside the Big Brother house and the Big Brother All-Stars spent a lot of time preparing for tonight’s live show. Nicole practiced her F2 speech and the answers to potential questions from the Jury for most of the day. The HGs also talked about life outside the house. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds right here!

The day started with Nicole and her insane skincare routine before she headed into the love room to practice what she is going to say to the Jury. This happened on and off all day, so I’m just going to summarize it all right here for you now. One of her biggest struggles was finding a way to answer “why do you feel you deserve to win over…?” She pointed out how it wasn’t enough for her to just tell everyone she was the weakest player in the house to make everyone feel like she wasn’t a threat, she had to prove it. She talked about how she threw comps early on to convince people that she was weak and then had to surround herself with stronger players to protect her and rely on her social game to get her to the end.

There was some talk between the F3 about how people attack them on social media while they are in the house and then expect them to do interviews for their websites and podcasts. Cody tells them that his dad monitors all of that throughout the season and tells Cody who to avoid doing interviews with after the show. They also talk about how people will comment nasty things on their social media posts.

At one point, Cody goes to lay down and Enzo and Nicole talk about how crazy it was that Cody finished R2 in just four minutes. He adds that even some of the biggest competitors in the game would have never finished that comp in that short of time. He talked about how he completely lost it after the comp because he felt like he let everyone in his family down. He talked about how he felt bad for the people who believed he could make it to the end. He says at least he made some good tv.

Enzo remained optimistic throughout the day. He is hoping that Cody will win R3 and take him to F2 with him, he really wants to be able to make his speech. He thinks that Nicole would be too scared to take him and wonders if Cody is too. Later, he did talk to Cody about how he shouldn’t take Nicole to F2 because she has already won her money. After their conversation and Cody leaves the room, Enzo says that he thinks that Cody is too scared to take him too.

Cody and Nicole talk about how they don’t know anything that’s going on for the finale. Nicole wonders if they are the worst F3 in history and Cody wonders if everyone hates them and if he should be afraid to leave the house. They are both excited to leave and talk about how they can’t wait to see who the hinky votes were earlier in the season.

Nicole and Cody went to bed fairly early last night leaving Enzo alone to pack and talk to the cameras. He says that he is expecting people to tell him that he should have cut Nicole at the TE. He thinks that America would like to see him in F2 and is trying to convince himself that Cody will take him to F2. He says that he thinks that Nicole is scared to bring him to F2 because he has the best social game, but he doesn’t understand why she would take Cody who has won a ton of comps this season and he hasn’t been on the block (neither has Enzo, but he hasn’t won nearly as many comps).

Well, folks, that’s it for the Big Brother live feeds recaps for the season! I will be putting up a poll a little later to find out which HG you think will win Big Brother All-Stars and my prediction for tonight’s show will be up later today as well. I will have a preview and recap for tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race followed by my live recap of tonight’s Big Brother 22 finale! Lots of things going on today so be on the lookout!

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