It was a busy day for the Big Brother 22 HGs as they competed in the Safety Suite and had the Nomination Ceremony. Not only did the winner of the Safety Suite turn the house upside down with their plus one choice, but Memphis’ choice for nominations got the house talking too. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds right here!

Early Friday morning, there was a conversation between David and Kevin where David told him he had a feeling he was going up today when Memphis said “Welcome to Big Brother” after naming him a Have-Not for the week. David said that Memphis is using David’s words against him (David is always saying that he wants to experiences all aspects of the game because he didn’t get that chance last year).

After the rest of the HGs woke up, Dani and Tyler had a conversation about how if David is on the block on Thursday, they shouldn’t vote him out because he is a vote for them later. Tyler tells Dani that he thinks that Memphis is trying to get as many people to play in the Safety Suite as he can so that next week is easy for him to win.

The kitty cams go up for the Safety Suite competition at 10 AM BBT and they were down for five and a half hours. When they came back up, we found out that Christmas won the Safety Suite and chose Ian as her plus one! This was surprising to a lot of people because Ian’s name had been thrown around as a possible target later in the week, but because Memphis only told Cody this and their alliance had no communication about it, Christmas did what was best for her game. She saved Ian so that she can get in good with the other side of the house and she knew he would keep her safe in return.

Enzo and Memphis talked shortly after and Memphis is really mad that Christmas saved Ian. Enzo thinks that Christmas must have something going on with Ian and Franzel. They also talk about how Franzel offered to be a HN so that Ian didn’t have to be. Memphis thinks that Ian being saved twice in one day makes him a bigger target. Enzo doesn’t understand why everyone in the house is protecting a champ and how he didn’t come back here to let someone who has already won the game win again. This isn’t the first time Enzo has said something like this. It seems to me that they have forgotten that Franzel is also a former winner.

Christmas learned that Memphis was thinking of possibly targeting Ian this week and tells Dani that she should go talk to him. She says that he should have told her his plans and her and Dani agree that Memphis not sharing his plans with anyone doesn’t make them feel good.

Memphis tells Franzel that NicA being able to play in next week’s Safety Suite is reason enough for him to put her up. Franzel tells him that would be good for them because then 4 out of 5 people playing in the comp would be their alliance.

Memphis and Cody talk a little later and the conversation was a lot like the conversation Memphis had with Enzo. Talks turned to whether or not Memphis would target Janelle if the POV is used, but Memphis tells him that it wouldn’t make sense for him to target Janelle when they have a good rapport.

Christmas and Memphis get a chance to talk and she tells him that she is sorry she saved Ian, but she had no idea Memphis was possibly going to target him. Memphis tells her it’s fine and that he wasn’t going to go after Ian anyway. (He told Cody and Enzo that he was considering BDing Ian this week)

Feeds cut for the Nomination Ceremony and when they come back up, NicA is crying and David looks angry. They were both nominated. David is angry because of the wording that Memphis used in his nomination speech. Tyler tells David that he is angry with the speech too and David tells Tyler that Memphis is just trying to get him to act crazy. Tyler tells him to use his anger in the POV Comp.

After Tyler leaves the SR, Franzel comes in and gives him a hug. When she leaves David says to the camera that he is going to stay in the storage room because people have to come in there for food. He’s going to show some emotions, show the pain he feels from that. Then Enzo comes in and David does just that. He feeds off Enzo’s energy and tells him that he is hungry for the POV and Enzo tells David not to worry, he has him and Tyler.

Memphis tells Janelle and Kaysar that he wasn’t trying to gang up on David, but he just doesn’t see him as an All-Star. Memphis tells them that he doesn’t care who goes home this week. Janelle mentions that Franzel would be a bigger target because she has won this game already and Memphis mentions it might be too early to get her out. Janelle tells them that Franzel has a lot of people working with her and mentions that Cody is her number one and Memphis still doesn’t see her as a threat.

Kaysar and Janelle try to save NicA with Memphis, but they out her instead. They tell Memphis that NicA is a good double agent and that she comes to them all the time with information from the other side. They haven’t realized that Memphis is part of that alliance. Janelle and Kaysar even try to get Memphis to make an alliance with them and he brushes it off, how can they not put the dots together here?

Dani and Day talk a little later and Dani is trying to convince Day that Janelle is in with the other side of the house. Day tells Dani that she is going to try and not going to work with Janelle. They both agree that Janelle doesn’t really offer them anything in the game.

Cody and Memphis touch base later and they both agree that they want NicA gone over David. Cody tells Memphis that he wants Kaysar out sooner than Janelle because Kaysar is more strategic than Janelle is.

Janelle and Kaysar tell NicA that they are trying to save her this week and that they are going to get Christmas to vote for her. Meanwhile, Cody is telling Tyler and Dani that he wants Kaysar BD’d this week.

There were a lot of other short conversations before the HGs all went to bed. Christmas is suspecting that the POV will happen pretty late in the day because of the heatwave that California is seeing right now. No one seems to know what Memphis might do in a renom situation, he isn’t communicating with his alliance other than Cody so everyone is on pins and needles right now except for Christmas and Ian who are safe for the week.

It’s Power of Veto day in the Big Brother house, so keep a lookout for POV Spoilers throughout the day!

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