We have a new HOH in the Big Brother 22 house and with that comes a new set of nominations coming up later in the day on Friday. Now that we have officially kicked off week 4 of Big Brother All-Stars, let’s see what the new HOH’s plan is for this week! Get all your Big Brother spoilers below with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

The feeds came back up last night after Janelle was sent home on the televisions of our West Coast fans. When they returned, we saw Enzo laying in the upstairs lounge with the HOH key around his neck.

The first conversation we listened in on was between Cody and Enzo and they are talking about the hinky votes to evict Kaysar from the show. Cody tells Enzo that Dani came to him the night before and asked him to throw votes with her to try and frame some people inside the house. Enzo tells him that Tyler thinks the votes came from Bay and Ian.

Enzo tells Cody that he is planning to put Kaysar up with a pawn and if Kaysar should come down with the POV, he plans to BD Ian. Enzo tells Cody that the only people in the house that are safe this week are Tyler and Cody and he wants to take time Friday to talk to everyone else. Enzo mentions that Kaysar has to go because he is going after Cody and Tyler. He also thinks that they can get Bay to go after Dani when the time is right.

Memphis tells Kaysar that everyone in the house is over David and the drama he is causing. He also says that no one is going to want to be stuck with him in Jury so he needs to go before then.

Cody goes to talk to Dani about the rogue votes and she plays dumb. She tells him to imagine what would have happened if they threw their votes and Janelle have four votes to stay. Cody says that he thought that he found someone else to vote with her and she tells him that she didn’t.

Enzo told Christmas that she also had nothing to worry about this week. Christmas tries to talk Kaysar up to Enzo and tells him that Kaysar is a nice guy, but the whole house is going to want to see him go up. After Christmas leaves, he camtalks about everyone being a bunch of flip-floppers.

Ian warns Cody that Kaysar said he would put Cody and Tyler up if he won HOH. Cody says that he wants Kaysar gone this week and Ian says he would be happy if David went this week.

Dani talks to Nicole about being nervous if Janelle comes back. Dani says that she thinks the best play this week is to get out Day or Bay, but Nicole doesn’t think that’s going to happen.

David talked to Kevin last night about how everyone lost their trust for him. He tells Kevin that he wants to rally a bunch of people together to take out the mega-alliance.

Dani, Nicole, and Cody are talking about how Day cheered for Kaysar during the HOH comp and they didn’t like that at all. Cody tells Dani and Nicole about something Day and Bay said to him the other night. He tells them that Day said she wouldn’t put up Nicole if she won HOH and Bay made a comment about “why should we care what Nicole thinks?” Kevin joins the conversation and talks turn to the hinky votes. Kevin says that it was either someone stupid, some devious plan, or someone throwing a sympathy vote they don’t want to confess to (Ummm, those are the only three options when it comes to rogue votes….). Cody warns Nicole that Memphis and Enzo have both thrown out Ian’s name.

Before bed, Dani and Nicole are talking and Nicole tells Dani that for the first time this season, she isn’t worried about nominations and feels comfortable with Enzo as HOH. Dani says that she thinks Day and Bay are feeling comfortable too, but probably shouldn’t.

Looks like Kaysar might be in trouble, but that all depends on whether or not Christmas can talk Enzo out of targeting her new BB Bestie. Enzo’s other plan is to BD Ian, which is probably one of the better plans we have heard so far this season. Stay tuned to find out what happens during today’s Nomination Ceremony coming up later!

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