It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 22 house and a quiet one at that. The HGs made up their mind on who they were sending out and started to make plans for the upcoming week. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds right here!

The first thing I wanted to point out from yesterday morning was a quick conversation between Christmas and Day in the kitchen. Christmas pulled her aside and told her that she was keeping her promise and talking to people about keeping her in the house. Day tells her that she appreciates her keeping her word and they both apologize to each other for getting loud and allowing that fight to become so much bigger than it needed to be.

There was a conversation between Day and Memphis right after that where Memphis told her that he thinks the only one coming after him directly right now is Bay, he is worried about his relationship with David. He asks her if she would go to bat for him if David wins HOH. If she does, he will give her his vote. He clarifies that he doesn’t think anyone could sway anyone else, but he just asks that she doesn’t throw him under the bus.

Christmas talked to Dani and told Dani that she apologized to Day and they seem okay. She doesn’t think that Day is completely receptive right now but thinks that she will come around. She adds that she would really like to see Day go to F8 or F7 with them at least, but says that if one of the guys should get cut, they can easily add her into the F6 group. Dani thinks that’s a great idea.

The next conversation worth mentioning was between Bay and Day in the bathroom. They were talking about how no one ever wants to win the first HOH, but that’s where the alliances are built. Bay tells her that she wanted to win it. Day mentions how she also didn’t have anyone’s number to call (in reference to pre-season alliances) and Bay mentioned that Derrick called her and Swaggy before the season to let them know that he wasn’t going to be in BB22, but a good friend of his was (Cody) and he was just calling around.

Throughout the day people were checking in with each other to make sure that the plan to vote out Bay was still in place. Christmas talked to Kevin to see where he was at and he told her he hasn’t promised his vote to anyone and he will vote whatever way she wants. She told him that if Bay feels responsible for Day being on the block with her, then Day should be the one to stay.

Bay had a conversation with Enzo and tells him that she thinks Christmas has a power. She tells him that he is in a good spot with Tyler, but he has to be careful because Tyler’s loyalty is with Dani and Cody. He tells her that if he wins HOH, he is turning this house upside down.

Dani told Nicole that their ideal F6 would be them, Cody, Enzo, Memphis, and Day. They agree that the next five evictions should be Tyler, Christmas, David, Kevin, and Ian in no particular order. Dani tells her that they have to start winning because new school BB players don’t respect someone for not having to win to stay. Dani doesn’t understand that because if your social game and connections in the house get you to the end, that should mean as much as being a comp beast.

There was a chat between Cody and Dani later where he let her in on the alliance’s plan if it’s a double. He told her that they came up with a plan to let everyone know who their target is without having to talk to them during the double. He tells them that the first person you nominate is your target? I guess they have to work on this a little more. Their conversation gets cut short when David comes into the room, lays in his bed, and starts complaining about how tired he is. He has sunglasses on so you can’t see if his eyes are open or not. It was actually kind of funny, but he’s a terrible actor.

Day campaigned to Tyler and Tyler told her that Bay told him to vote for Day to stay over her. Day then went to Bay and told her that she needs to stop sabotaging her game because they both gave things up to be there and she deserves to be there just as much as Day does. She also tells Bay that she has to go talk to Tyler and Christmas. Bay doesn’t like the idea of that but says that she will.

Bay finds Tyler and they talk some of the things out from the last few days. He tells her that he really did try to sacrifice his game for hers, but Christmas wouldn’t put him up. The talk goes on and at one point he asks her how she is feeling about everything. She says she feels good, but she can count and knows that Day has 7 votes to stay and she has 2.

Ian and Nicole chat about the HOH and he thinks that it’s an endurance comp. He tells her that he thinks he has a good shot at winning this and if he does, he is going to need her input. He said the only thing he knows for sure is that Nicole, Dani, and Cody are safe if he wins HOH.

Bay did talk to Christmas to smooth things over. Christmas apologizes to her for hurting her feelings and they both agree that once they leave the house, the issue is squashed and won’t carry over to social media.

Nicole tells Dani that Ian said they would be safe if he won HOH, but Dani doesn’t trust or believe that. Nicole tells her that she needs to because he was serious when he said it. Nicole tells her that Ian will nominate whoever they tell him to and Dani isn’t buying that either. Dani tells Nicole they need to break up David, Kevin, and Day. Nicole wonders if Day will be mad at that, but Dani doesn’t think so as long as Day isn’t on the block.

Day and Christmas talked and they both apologized to each other again for how they acted and how things went down the other night. Christmas says that she would still like to work with her, Dani, and Nicole and hopes that what happened doesn’t come between that. Christmas also tells Day that if she were to win HOH again, she won’t have anything to worry about.

Kevin, Bay, and Day talk about the Tyler offer and Kevin tells them that he didn’t believe them when they told him Tyler’s plan. He tells them that they are always leaving him out of things. Bay tells him that one of them is going home this week so he won’t have to worry about that anymore. He tells them that they only loop him into things when they really need to and he feels like they don’t value him.

David and Enzo talked about how Nicole and Cody had an alliance coming into this game. David says that Nicole is pretending to be close to Ian because she knows that if they are nominated together, Ian goes home over her. David also mentions how the same people with pre-season alliances are the same people who are saying Day and Bay were too close in this game.

Memphis is talking to Dani, Nicole, and Cody about how Ian is acting completely differently. Dani makes a comment about how one night when Ian is up at 3 am in his underwear she is going to have him come sit on Memphis’s bed. He tells them that he will kick him in his teeth and then say that he didn’t know he was there, I thought he was a ghost. Dani, Cody, and Nicole are all laughing about this. Memphis swears that Ian is a twin and they are switching him out because he is a completely different person.

Kevin and Day are talking and Kevin tells her that she has the votes locked in to stay. Day wonders if Tyler and Christmas are working together and Kevin says that Tyler has been really comfortable going up to the HOH all week. Day says that if she won HOH, Christmas would be her pawn and she would put a heavy hitter against her. If one of them comes down, she will put another heavy hitter up. Day says she might have to put Cody and Tyler up together though because what happens is Cody wins POV and takes Tyler down, she won’t have anyone else to put up.

After Tyler checked in with a medic about the weight he is losing, he has a conversation with Ian. Tyler tells Ian that his strategy is to keep winning comps. Ian apologizes for not being able to play in the POV and Tyler says that they should keep Day and Christmas around to target each other later. Ian points out how Christmas was in a great spot and then blew it up by winning HOH and putting a target on herself.

That’s it for yesterday’s live feeds! Be on the lookout for my Eviction Poll and Eviction Prediction coming up later today!

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