It was a crazy day in the Big Brother 22 house with the Power of Veto Ceremony happening and the HGs undecided on what to do at this week’s eviction. The plan is simple, but will it be executed the way that Dani wants? Get you Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s Big Brother live feeds right here!

It was Power of Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother house and Dani knew deep down that Day was planning to use the POV to take Kevin off the block. The night before, The Committee had put together this plan where Dani would halt the POV Ceremony and Dani would try to convince Day that everyone was planning to vote out Tyler so that she didn’t feel compelled to use the POV on Kevin. However, Memphis was the voice of reason early yesterday morning.

Memphis went up to the HOH first thing yesterday morning and told Dani that after sleeping on it, the plan to halt the POV Ceremony was not a smart one. He tells her that it isn’t going to change the outcome of anything and it’s just going to upset Day on Thursday when she realizes that everyone lied to her when they vote Kevin out.

Dani relayed this to Nicole who and tells Nicole that she isn’t going to halt the POV Ceremony. Dani then asks Nicole why she told Day that she would support her even if she used the POV? Nicole tells her that she never said that and Day should know that she would be upset if she uses it. Especially because Ian is going to be the renom.

Nicole goes down to talk to Day and it hoping that she can talk her out of using the POV. She tells Day that she hasn’t slept all night because she knows that if Day uses the POV that Ian will go up. She doesn’t want to see Ian on the block stressing about being there and Day wonders why Ian would be stressing if he is going up as a pawn? Day tells her that it would end up being a tiebreaker with Day, Kevin, David, and Nicole all voting for Ian to stay.

The POV Ceremony happens and Day used the POV to take down Kevin and Dani put Ian up in his spot making Tyler and Ian final nominations. Nicole is super emotional about this and spends a lot of time throughout the day avoiding Ian because every time she seems him, she cries.

Dani tells Tyler that everything she has been saying about targeting him is all for show. She has to try and make Ian as comfortable as possible so that he believes he is really the pawn. Tyler told her that he really thought he would be sitting next to Enzo and Day wonders why everyone thought that. Tyler tells her that it was because Ian is Nicole’s best friend in the house and Dani and Nicole are close. During this conversation, Dani also told Tyler that Day was coming after him.

Enzo tells Day that Ian isn’t a pawn, there’s no way. Day tells Enzo that she can’t believe that Dani put him up. Enzo tells Day that if the noms stayed the same, he was going to keep Kevin and adds that Dani is playing a really messy HOH. Day and Enzo talk about flipping the vote and Day wonders who would vote to keep Tyler this week. Enzo tells her that Memphis would and therefore so would Christmas. Enzo makes a comment about them all being in an alliance, even Memphis.

Enzo goes to talk to Dani and Dani tells him that she did everything she could to try and convince Day that Tyler was her target and that Kevin would be safe. She also tells him that everyone is telling her that they expected her to put Enzo up next to Tyler. She tells Enzo that was never in her plan, everyone thought that because of her relationship with Nicole. They agree that they have to keep everyone’s eyes on Cody and Tyler and Nicole and Christmas as duos. Enzo says he has been distancing himself from Tyler and Dani tells him she has been pushing Nicole closer to Christmas.

After this conversation, Enzo goes down to talk to Tyler and they have a good laugh about how Dani just renom’d her best friend’s, best friend.

This part is where things get a little comical. Day tells David that she talked to Dani for almost three hours the night before trying to make sure that Ian ended up on the block. They talk about trying to flip the vote to get Ian out this week. They really believe that Ian is a pawn this week and that Tyler is the target so they think that they are masterminds putting this plan together. Jokes on them, that’s already the plan…

Ian tells Kevin later on that he is starting to feel like something is off. He tells Kevin he feels like he might be the target this week and tells Kevin he really doesn’t want to be the first one to Jury. He says he can’t understand why the house wouldn’t take the shot at Tyler while he is on the block.

Nicole tells Enzo that she is going to look like a monster voting out Ian this week. Enzo tells her that’s why Day shouldn’t have used the POV. Nicole tells him that she is angriest with Day because of that. She says that she is Ian’s #1 so voting him out is going to make her look so bad. Enzo tells her that he will vote out whoever they want him to and Nicole tells him that it’s just not smart to take out Tyler. (I just need to say that her being so upset with Day for playing the game, really aggravates me.)

Enzo and Kevin talk about the vote and how they are both undecided about what to do. Kevin tells Enzo that Ian low-key threatened him to stay saying that keeping Tyler wouldn’t be smart for anyone in the house. Enzo tells him that it would be great to get a former winner out of the house, but he doesn’t trust Tyler at all.

Dani tells Nicole that Ian told her whoever votes him out, won’t get a jury vote from him. Dani wonders if she made the right decision and Nicole tells her she did what was best for her game. Dani thinks that even if she put Enzo up against Tyler, Enzo would be evicted. Nicole tells Dani that she needs the vote count so that she can give Ian a pity vote. Dani tells her she can’t play this game for one jury vote and she tells her it’s not about that. It’s about her moral compass and Nicole tells Dani that she has to play this game for herself too, just like Dani is. Dani tells her that this could screw her over though.

Christmas told Enzo that Dani was planning to put him up at one point because Nicole was pushing so hard for Ian not to go up. Enzo tells her that Dani didn’t tell her any of this and he is upset that him, her and Tyler are so low on Dani’s priority list.

Ian talked to Nicole last night and he tells her that he won’t be voting for anyone responsible for him going to Jury. He tells her that him leaving is only good for two people in the house where Tyler leaving is better for everyone because if he stays this week, he makes it to F2. Nicole promises Ian she is going to start campaigning for him tomorrow. Ian warns her that he might quit if he goes to Jury and that he won’t be there to tell the other jurors that it’s okay to vote for a former winner (Nicole).

Nicole then goes to Dani before heading to bed. She tells Dani that Ian is super upset and adds that he thinks that Tyler is going to slip to the end if he doesn’t go this week. Nicole says that she knows she is going to have to accept this, but it feels like a mistake. Nicole tells Dani that there are only two people in this house that want Tyler to stay, but Dani tells her that it will put them in a bad spot with the group.

Dani tells Nicole that she is worried that they will need Tyler around to help their side win comps and Ian hasn’t won anything (neither had Nicole). Dani tells Nicole that Ian is just a vote, but Tyler will help them win things. Dani tells her that she should start preparing herself for Ian going this week, but tells her that she will talk to Memphis for her.

Remember the POV Competition will air tonight at 8/7c on CBS due to the Country Music Awards being on tomorrow night. I will see you all later for my live recap!

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