Now that we have our first Jury Member for Big Brother All-Stars, we have officially kicked off week 7 of Big Brother 22. A new HOH was named last night and we have a pretty good idea of who the targets will be this week. Check out the Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s live feeds right here!

As soon as the feeds came back up there was some chatter about drama right after the Have-Nots were picked. Apparently Cody was annoyed that David picked him and Christmas was even more annoyed that Day picked her.

We got confirmation that Memphis won HOH while listening to Cody and Dani talk about who could have been picked as Have-Nots this week. Talks turn to how Cody doesn’t want Memphis to target David this week, says it would be a waste of an HOH. Dani says that Memphis will probably nominate David and Kevin and if they are still next to each other on Thursday, they will vote out Kevin. Cody says that he needs to nominate Kevin and Day though so that Day can’t use the POV to save Kevin again. Dani tells Cody that it isn’t a wasted week if David goes, but Cody says it is especially now that Day and Kevin are linked.

Meanwhile, Memphis is upstairs talking to Christmas and he tells her that Day is the least of their worries this week. Christmas mentions that she might not be a comp threat, but she likes to stir up the house. Christmas thinks that Kevin is the bigger threat of the three.

Kevin talks to Dani and wonders who Memphis would put up next to David. He says he feels like Memphis already has his mind made up this week.

Cody is reiterating his conversation with Dani to Nicole and mentions how he would rather see Day go over Kevin or David this week. Cody mentions how Day has been studying hard for the later comps and someone like that shouldn’t be left in the game to randomly win a comp.

Cody goes to David and tells him that he is isolated in the house because of how he is playing the game. He tells David that he has to connect better with the other HGs. David tells Cody that if he is the target this week he wants to be nominated upfront so that he has a chance to play in the POV.

Christmas talks to Nicole about being upset with Day for making her a HN. She tells Nicole that Day is obviously holding a grudge. Talks turn to how Memphis is most likely going to target David this week and Nicole says that she would rather see Day or Kevin go than David.

Cody and Enzo talked about how they think that Memphis should put Day and Kevin on the block together so that they can’t save each other with the POV. They agree that they can bring David in and put him to use for their game. They both want Day gone, but expect that Dani will want Day to stay over David or Kevin this week.

So it looks like Memphis is going to target David even though Christmas thinks Kevin is the bigger threat. I think we could expect to see David and Kevin on the block together this week with Day as a backup or pawn if one of them should come down. I will have confirmation for you later today!

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