Monday’s are Power of Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother 22 house and everything went as planned with no big surprises. Find out what the POV winner did, who the final noms are, and more right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap. If you have missed any of the action inside the house, make sure you get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers before reading on!

It was a pretty quiet day overall inside the Big Brother house. Enzo tells Cody that Christmas hasn’t talked to Nicole yet about the vote and tells him that he’s almost tempted to tell Christmas that if she wants his vote she has to talk to her. Cody tells him that she is playing like she already knows she’s staying and she is acting super comfortable. Neither of them likes that.

Christmas talks to Memphis about the upcoming HOH comp and tells him that if it’s an endurance comp, he or Enzo should try and win it. She says that if it’s a simple Q&A then she should take that. Memphis tells her that it doesn’t matter to him what kind of comp it is, he’s gunning for them all. He also reminds her that most of the comps he has won this season have been Q&A.

The feeds cut for the POV Ceremony, when they come back, we find out that Cody did not use the POV and Tyler and Christmas remained on the block. Christmas and Tyler sit and talk about how much being on the block together sucks. Christmas says that they are the best F6 ever because they have all finished third or better in their previous seasons. Christmas adds that everyone except for Enzo are members of The Committee members and says that they were planning to keep Enzo longer than Dani all along anyway.

Cody, Enzo, and Nicole talked about the POV speeches, more specifically Christmas’s. Apparently, she talked about making good TV and triple dog dared Cody to use the POV on her in order to do so. They said that Christmas mentioned making good TV at least three times in her speech. Talks turn to how Christmas feels like she has been duped by everyone left in the house. Nicole says that her fact-checking has been out of control all season. Enzo adds that this is Big Brother and everyone in the house is lying!

Tyler asks Memphis straight out who he is voting for and tells him it’s okay to tell him because he isn’t going to be mad. Memphis tells him that he is leaning towards voting him out because he is a beast and Memphis is a little scared by him. Memphis tells Tyler the only way he survives the next couple of weeks is if he wins the POVs because if he doesn’t, no one is going to keep him over anyone else in the house. Talks turn to how people have been playing for Jury votes for weeks now. He thinks that it’s crazy that people have been throwing pity votes to people as Jury Management.

Memphis briefly talks to Nicole and tells her that he really does think that voting Tyler out this week is the best move. She agrees with him.

Right after, Tyler asks Nicole who she is voting for this week and she tells him she doesn’t know. She tells him that she definitely sees Memphis and Christmas as a duo and Tyler asks would she rather keep the duo or just him? She says that she wants to talk to Enzo and Cody because she has no one in the house and the last thing she wants to do is make those two mad. She says that she thinks that Enzo is leaning towards keeping Tyler though so that’s a good sign. She does tell him that if she is being frank, she doesn’t want to keep either one of them, but she knows she has to. After Tyler leaves, she laughs to herself and says that she can’t believe she just said that.

Nicole talks to Cody after this and they go over the pros and cons of Tyler and Christmas. After weighing the options, they think that they need to get rid of Tyler now while they have the chance. Nicole tells Cody that if she is voting personally, she would vote out Christmas. However, she is trying to do what’s best for the game, so she is going to vote out Tyler.

There was a little camtalking. Nicole says that she thinks that Tyler is genuinely a good person and she takes back all the mean things she said about him. She says that he has a great heart and is always checking on other people to make sure they are okay.

Enzo talks to himself about if he wins HOH next week and says that if he wins he has to clip Nicole. If not Nicole, then who?

Cody talks to Memphis and says that he thinks that if Tyler had the chance, he would put Cody and Memphis up together. He adds that he hates talking to Christmas sometimes and wishes that someone would walk in and interrupt their conversations sometimes. Memphis tells Cody that he already told Tyler that he was going this week.

Tyler and Enzo talked a bit before bed and Tyler tells Enzo that Nicole told him that if Enzo and Cody wanted to keep him, she would vote to keep him over Christmas. Tyler asks Enzo if he would talk to Cody for him about keeping him this week. They also talked about the danger of winning the F5 HOH because they can’t compete in the F4 one and Enzo says that he thinks Cody could win the F4 HOH. After a little more small talk, they head to bed with the rest of the HGs.

Tyler isn’t going down without a fight, but will he be able to change Enzo and Cody’s mind about voting him out? There is still plenty of time until Thursday’s eviction for him to try.

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