Tonight on Big Brother 22, we will watch as the HGs decide whether or not they are going to compete in the Safety Suite competition. After the Safety Suite competition, we will find out who Memphis plans to nominate for eviction week two of Big Brother. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars as it airs right here!

We start the episode off with a look at Memphis telling the HGs that he has never won HOH before. He tells us that he doesn’t plan on telling anyone what he is doing and make them sweat. David is already sweating because Memphis winning the HOH doesn’t give him a good feeling at all.

Janelle and Bayleigh talk about how they are okay with Memphis being the HOH this week. It is time to pick HNs for the week and this year they are going to do things a little differently. The outgoing HNs will be picking the HGs to replace them and Memphis is the first to choose. He chooses David to replace him, Ian chooses Nicole F, Nicole A chooses Christmas, and Kevin chooses Kaysar.

David tells us that when Memphis chose him, he heard “not only will you be a HN, but I’m nominating you tomorrow too.” David tells us that he is playing in the Safety Suite for sure. Cody and Memphis are talking about possible noms this week and Nicole A and David are mentioned, but Memphis also says that it might be a good idea to get Ian out this week too. They both agree that if Ian is on the block on Thursday, he will go home because he won already.

Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Kevin, and Dani are all talking. Bayleigh and Da’Vonne talk about the things they went through growing up just for being black. How people made them feel not pretty because of their skin color and Bayleigh mentions that it’s scary to think about raising children with the way the world is today. Da’Vonne tells her that she teaches her daughter everything she can.

Memphis tells Nicole and Christmas that he wants at least two of them to play in the Safety Suite so that it’s not obvious that they are all working together. Christmas tells us that she is playing and Nicole F tells us that she is saving hers for next week. Dani tells us she isn’t using hers this week.

We get a look at a conversation with Memphis and Nicole A and he tells Nicole that he doesn’t have anyone in mind so he’s telling everyone that they should play. Nicole A tells us that gave her a bad taste in her mouth and that she doesn’t have to do anything he says to.

Ian talks to Memphis after and Ian is trying to make small talk, but it doesn’t seem to work. Memphis gets right to business and tells him that everyone should be playing in the Safety Suite to try and save themselves. Ian has caught on to the fact that Memphis is trying to get everyone to use their Safety Suite passes so that he doesn’t have to compete against any of them next week.

The hour clock is starting to tick for the Safety Suite. Memphis is telling everyone that if they feel uncomfortable, they should play this week. Kevin is playing, but Tyler tells us that he is saving his for next week when it matters.

David is the first one to swipe his card, Cody swipes, Ian swipes, Kevin swipes, Christmas swipes, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne swipe too. There are seven HGs playing in this week’s Safety Suite competition! Before the Safety Suite comp starts, Ian asks Christmas if she will use her plus one on him if she wins and she agrees to. Why not have another number on your side?

It’s time for the Safety Suite comp! In this comp, they will be serving drinks to two tables that are wobbling. Once they get all their drinks on both tables, they have to hit their buzzer to lock in their time. Each drink has a different weight and you have to maneuver the drinks the right way to get them to stay.

We get a look at each of the HGs and their strategy in the comp. A lot of them seem to have a real issue with this comp and trying to get the drinks to balance on these tables. Here is are the HGs times:

  • Da’Vonne finishes in 8:41
  • Bayleigh finishes in 2:48
  • Christmas finishes in 1:38
  • Kevin finishes in 2:22
  • Ian finishes in 3:16
  • Cody finishes in 2:44
  • David finishes in 2:53

Christmas wins this week’s Safety Suite and she chooses to save Ian with her plus one. You can tell Memphis is surprised by this move and so is the rest of her alliance. Ian is excited to be safe this week and David is disappointed in himself to not doing better and saving himself.

Christmas goes to talk to Memphis and she tells him that she chose Ian because if he wins HOH next week she is a voice in his ear. Memphis tells her that he doesn’t like Ian in this game past week 5 or 6.

Cody comes in to talk to Memphis about noms and how Christmas saving Ian takes a big target out of the sights. Memphis tells Cody that he told everyone to play and Nicole A didn’t which makes her high on his list. He is also thinking about David, Da’Vone, Kaysar, and Janelle.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony. He nominates Nicole A and David and he tells Nicole A that he put her up for not playing in the Safety Suite. He told David that he’s at the grown-ups table now and has to prove himself and then called him “buddy.”

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