Tonight on Big Brother 22 we will watch as Tyler, Kaysar and Janelle are joined by three other Big Brother All-Stars in the Power of Veto competition! Will Kaysar or Janelle win the Power of Veto and save themselves from eviction? Keep refreshing this page to find out! If you don’t want to wait, you can get all the details of this week’s Power of Veto with our Big Brother spoilers!

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony where Janelle and Kaysar end up on the block and they weren’t surprised about it. Tyler is really hoping that neither of them wins the POV and take themselves off the block. Day is making sure that she is staying in good with Kaysar and Janelle because one of them will be staying and she doesn’t want them coming after her.

We get a look Dani and all of her alliances and working relationships within the house. Dani is working with just about everyone in the house and is planting seeds with everyone. We get a look at Ian freaking Janelle out about one of her face masks which is highly acidic. She washes it off as a result of the conversation.

It is time for the Power of Veto player pick! Tyler pulls Cody’s chip, Kaysar pulls Bayleigh’s chip, and Janelle pulls Memphis’ chip. Memphis is definitely not someone Janelle wanted to play this week. Dani tells Bayleigh that she needs to win this and asks Bayleigh what she would do with the POV if she won. Bay tells her that she is keeping noms the same, but she tells us that she is going to weigh the options and do what’s best for her game.

It’s time for the POV competition! In this competition, the HGs will go head to head in a tournament-style comp. Christmas is the host and she will pick the pairings. The player with the fastest time in the first round will move on until there is only one HG left. They will have to move pieces of cupcakes in the right order and on the right bases.

The first pairing is Kaysar vs. Tyler gets the cupcakes put together, but on the wrong bases. Tyler manages to win the round because of this mistake. Kaysar has been eliminated.

Cody and Bayleigh are up next and Cody knocks Bayleigh out of this round. It’s time for Janelle vs. Memphis and Memphis seems to be throwing the comp because he had one cupcake put together and took it apart. He tells us that this comp is just not built for his brain though. Memphis does manage to pull out the win and knocks out Janelle.

Tyler advanced directly to the championship round because he had the fastest time. Memphis and Cody go head to head in the second round. Cody pulls out the win and eliminates Cody. The final round comes down to Cody and Tyler. Cody goes on to win the final round which means he has won the Power of Veto for week 3!

After the competition, Nicole, Christmas, and Dani are in the SR talking about how Memphis clearly threw that competition. They all speculate that he was trying to give it to Janelle so that she would be safe this week.

Janelle and Kaysar are talking and Janelle tells him that she should have said no to coming back so that he had a chance at winning. He tells her that’s ridiculous and he’s loved being able to spend time with her after all these years. She tells him that she thinks that she is the target and he will be better off without her in the house.

Enzo, Cody, and Tyler are talking about how Memphis tried to throw the comp to Janelle and this has piqued Tyler’s interest. Cody asks if he wants him to pull someone down and Tyler tells him they can’t trust anyone at this point.

We get a look at Christmas’ punishment for the week! She will have to take care of this stuffed star like it’s a baby for the whole week. Then Christmas gets a call that there is a second baby born for her. She gets another call that a third baby was born, then a fourth, then a fifth, sixth, seventh, they just keep multiplying. Enzo is joking the whole time that he is the dad because he picked her as his plus one. It was pretty comical.

Janelle tells Cody that she is going to be a huge target if she stays. She offers to vote with him for the next two weeks and help him get rid of the floaters in the house.

It’s time for the Veto Meeting and during the Veto Meeting Christmas has to bounce all of her All-Star babies on her knee. Cody decided not to use the POV this week because he doesn’t want to ruffle any more feathers.

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