It’s Power of Veto day in Big Brother 22 house and now that the players have been chosen and the comp has been played, we know who won! Keep reading out Big Brother Spoilers to find out which of the Big Brother All-Stars won and what I think might happen inside the Big Brother house!

Cody, Keesha, and Kevin were joined by Enzo, Tyler, and Ian in today’s Power of Veto competition. The feeds went down for about two and a half hours for this week’s comp and when they came back up we found out who won the POV and had a pretty good idea of how it might be used Monday during the POV Ceremony!

Power of Veto Winner for Week 1 is:

  • Enzo Palumbo

With Enzo in an alliance with Cody, I think it’s safe to say that unless something huge happens, the POV will not be used. As of right now, the person that everyone in the house seems to want to see leave is Keesha. Most of HGs have mentioned wanting to see Kevin stick around over her, however, Cody told her that there is always a chance that he will have an actual target before the POV Ceremony happens.

Could he have been telling her that just to keep her from losing it? Sure. However, how many times have we seen HOHs completely change who their target is between Nominations and POV Ceremony? Only time will tell!

Make sure you come back tomorrow morning for our full Big Brother Live Feeds recap for Saturday to find out all the details of chats inside the Big Brother All-Stars house!

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