It is Saturday, which means it’s Power of Veto Day inside the Big Brother 22 house! This week it all comes down to who won this week’s POV Comp because they will have all the control during this week’s live vote and eviction on Big Brother All-Stars. Keep reading to find out which HG won today’s comp and what is likely going to happen as a result right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Based on the poll that I have put in a couple of my posts this week, it looks like the majority of you would be okay with anyone winning but Enzo. Nicole is leading the poll at 33% of the votes, Christmas is behind her with 29% of the votes, and right behind Christmas is Cody with 28% of the votes. Enzo only had 10% of the votes this week.

Prior to the POV comp kicking off, if Christmas won, she would likely vote out Cody even though she told Enzo that they would talk about it together. She is a little upset that Enzo made it sound like he was putting up Cody and then she ended up on the block. If Cody won, he would likely vote out Christmas. If Nicole won, Nicole would vote out Christmas because she has had a F2 with Cody since the beginning.

Enzo really wants to see Nicole leave this week, but there isn’t a scenario where she is voted out no matter who wins this week’s POV competition. Let’s find out which of these HGs won and which of these scenarios will play out!

The POV Winner for Week 11 is:

  • Cody

With a Cody win this week, Christmas is likely to be evicted from the Big Brother 22 house on Thursday night. Sounds like Nicole was in second place in the comp. When the feeds came back up she was talking about how it came down to her and Cody and he was just better than she was.

How will Christmas try and convince Cody to vote out his F2 this week?

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