It has been a crazy week in the Big Brother 22 house and it has the potential to get even crazier! We have a new HOH, noms in place, a power that has been used, and a POV that has been played. Get the details here from our Big Brother spoilers to find out which Big Brother All-Star has won the POV!

With Dani in the HOH and her original noms being hijacked by David’s Disrupter Power, things have been a little shaken up in the Big Brother house. Her original noms were Kevin and David, but after David took himself off the block, Dani renom’d Tyler in his place.

This morning the Big Brother HGs found out that Dani, Tyler, and Kevin would be joined by Ian, Day, and Enzo for this week’s Power of Veto competition. We now know which of these six all-stars went on to win this week’s POV competition!

The Power of Veto Winner for Week 6 is:

  • Da’Vonne

There you have it, ladies and gents! Day went on to win the Power of Veto for week 6 of Big Brother 22! This is Da’Vonne’s first-ever comp win in her three seasons of Big Brother! The question remains, will Day use the Power of Veto and chance having Dani turn on her at this stage in the game? Or will Day allow the noms to stay the same and trust that they will have at least four votes to force a tie this week? We will find out for sure on Monday during this week’s POV Ceremony!

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