Tonight we watched as Kaysar Ridha was voted out of the Big Brother 22 house. From there the remaining HGs competed in the Head of Household competition for week 5. We watched the entire HOH competition play out on the Big Brother live show and I have a quick recap of what happened right here with my Big Brother spoilers!

In this week’s HOH competition, the HGs competed head to head with one HG being eliminated each round. Whoever advanced then picked the next two HGs.

Julie showed a collage of all 16 Memory Wall photos in each round, but in each round, each HG’s picture had a filter applied to it. The HGs were asked one question about the filters and whoever answered correctly the fastest moved on to the next round. If they answered incorrectly, they were eliminated and the other HG moved on. Here is the round by round pairings and who was eliminated:

  1. Kevin vs Ian – Ian was eliminated
  2. Cody vs Nicole – Nicole was eliminated
  3. Day vs Kevin – Kevin was eliminated
  4. Memphis vs Cody – Cody was eliminated
  5. Dani vs David – David was eliminated
  6. Bay vs Day – Bay was eliminated
  7. Memphis vs Dani – Dani was eliminated
  8. Day vs Tyler – Tyler was eliminated
  9. Christmas vs Memphis – Memphis was eliminated
  10. Day vs Christmas – Day was eliminated

That makes Christmas our next HOH for Big Brother 22! I don’t expect anything too crazy to go on this week, but with the new twist being implemented into the house, I could be wrong. The twist is called BB Basement and was described as a competition played in the dark and in the end, three HGs will be given various powers. We will have to wait for more information.

Make sure you check back tomorrow morning for a full recap of tonight’s live feeds and tomorrow afternoon sometime for Nomination Ceremony spoilers!

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