Thursday’s Big Brother live feeds definitely didn’t disappoint with tons of alliances being made and Frenchie’s target for the week switching quite a few times. The Big Brother 23 HGs also learned about the Wildcard Competition and the competition took place which had the feeds down for over five hours. Get all the details of Thursday’s live feeds right here with our Big Brother Spoilers.

So first thing I want to address is, yes, I know I screwed up the title of yesterday’s live feeds recap. Yesterday’s article was for Wednesday night, this one is for Thursday. It’s been a long few days… Okay, now, onto the live feeds recap!

Frenchie had a lot of conversations throughout the day Thursday because he thought that the nominations were going to happen. There were a lot of deals made and to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t keep up with all of them. He made a deal with the women of the house Wednesday night saying that he wouldn’t put any of them up, then Thursday he made alliances with Britini, Tiffany, Whitney, Kyland, Xavier, Derek F, and Brent. I’m pretty sure I forgot some people, but I’m also sure that a lot of these alliances probably won’t last long anyway.

He told everyone that he always wanted to form an alliance called The Slaughterhouse and then have a core group within that and call themselves The Butchers. Everyone liked the sound of this and all assumed that by him telling them this that they were in that core group. It was pretty confusing and didn’t leave many options for him for nominations this week.

The feeds went down for a brief time in the morning for the HGs to learn about the twist, but they weren’t told what the twist was. They spent some time speculating.

Frenchie had a conversation with Britini that I was to mention because Britini is the only person he told about his target for the week. She asked him who his target was and he told her that it was Brent. He mentions how he thinks that Brent is a hard ass and that nothing he says to Frenchie is genuine. He also tells her that he needs to talk to Brent though because he wants to see if he can get a better read on him.

After Britini leaves the HOH, Frenchie goes to find Brent and they head up to the HOH room. Frenchie tells Brent that he is pulling people in that he trusts their opinion first to see what they think about some of the other HGs. Brent first tells him how he admires Frenchie’s passion for his family. Frenchie tells Brent that his name had come up a few times the night before, but he adds that he had to have a conversation with Brent before making any decisions.

Frenchie then apologizes to Brent for thinking that he was nothing but a hard ass and making an assumption about him based on his outside appearance. Frenchie tells Brent that he has nothing to worry about this week and asks that if Brent wins HOH he keeps him safe. Brent tells Frenchie that he feels like they are both on the same wavelength.

Brent tells Frenchie that he thinks Christian sees him as a threat. He mentions that Christian wants to be the alpha when it comes to the women in the house. Brent tells Frenchie is Christian is here for the women, he can have them because that’s not what Brent came here for. He came here to win the $750,000. Frenchie mentions that if there is going to be drama in the house over the women, then they should nip that early.

Feeds cut for just over an hour after that conversation and when they came back up we find out that the HGs were told about the Wildcard Comp and players were picked from each of the losing teams. Christian, Kyland, and Hannah were all picked to play and then the feeds cut again for the competition.

When the feeds came back up, the HGs were running for the backyard which was opened for them. The backyard has an upper balcony this season with a foosball table, there is an outdoor chess set and the pool table is there too.

Azah went to Frenchie and asked him about the core four and asks if he is thinking about another alliance. He tells her that they will iron that all out later on with everyone in the room to discuss it. Talks turn to Derek X and how Frenchie has heard that Derek X is starting a lot of drama in the house, starting rumors and throwing people under the bus (Christian).

Frenchie tells Derek F and Tiffany that they need to make their alliance official. He also mentions that they need to figure out who they are going to use as pawns this week that won’t get upset and come after them.

Later, Alyssa tells Derek F that she felt really good with Frenchie and so did Sarah Beth, but now that Christian and Xavier are safe this week, they need to figure out how to make it so their team is an ally. This is where we found out that Christian had won the Wildcard Comp and also had the opportunity to save a teammate and he chose Xavier.

There were some unofficial duos formed throughout the evening. Britini & Tiffany and Sarah Beth & Kyland talked about keeping each other close but nothing official was really formed. Sarah Beth did tell Kyland that Frenchie promised not to send a woman home first this week so his target must be a guy (if he sticks to his word). They also talked about how the Veto could pull two more people out of the nomination pool.

Christian told Derek F that he knows his name had been thrown around before the Wildcard Comp happened. He tells Derek F that Derek X threw him under the bus. He tells Derek F that he thinks that Derek X is the target this week. Derek F thinks he is right.

Travis and Derek X talked about who they think the noms will be this week (it’s most likely going to be them at this point). They talk about wanting to try and get Brent nominated.

Frenchie met with Kyland, Derek f, Xavier, and Christian and proposed an alliance called The Butchers. He tells them that no one in the Slaughterhouse can know about this core group though. Frenchie confirms that Derek X is his target this week because he is starting rumors and says that he is going to be a BD target. The group decides that Travis and Sarah Beth should go up with Derek X as the BD plan.

Frenchie goes to Sarah Beth, Hannah, Alyssa, Claire, and Azah looking for a pawn volunteer. Sarah Beth is concerned that anyone willing to use her as a pawn, must not be serious about working with her. Hannah says that BDing someone this early is doing too much.

Alyssa tells Derek F that she is worried about Frenchie’s plan this week and him needing a pawn because he hasn’t told them who his target is. Derek F reassures her that Frenchie’s target is a guy.

Derek X is worried that he might be the target this week after learning about all of Frenchie’s promises of safety. Tiffany tells him that he should go to Xavier for help. Derek X later goes to Travis, Tiffany, Claire, and Kyland and to form an alliance called the Firefighters.

Derek F tells Frenchie that Derek X has to go this week or he is going to end up working with all the “bros.”

Xavier goes to Alyssa and Christian and tells them that he talked Frenchie out of his BD plan. They don’t think that Travis is a threat and they are all okay with Derek X going this week and then Travis next week.

Tiffany and Claire wonder if Frenchie will put up Travis and Derek X this week and then wonder what he will do if one of them comes down.

Kyland relays some information to the Firefighters. Tiffany also informs them that Frenchie is trying to put together a 13-person alliance.

Brent asks Frenchie if he has his noms in place and Frenchie tells him he does and no one knows his target. He thinks that his target is going to be shocked. Frenchie also says that he thinks that Derek X and Christian are going to come after him.

So needless to say, Frenchie is playing a really messy game. It’s making for an interesting first week, that’s for sure! What do you think of all this?

Make sure you come back later for Nomination Ceremony spoilers.

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