After the Veto Ceremony took place on Monday inside the Big Brother house, the energy inside seemed to have calmed a bit. The final nominations were put in place and the houseguests that are safe this week were able to start thinking about week two. Read on to get all the Big Brother Spoilers from Monday’s live feeds!

The feeds started off with a conversation between Derek X and Kyland where Derek X tells Kyland that his plan to use the Veto on him at the ceremony hadn’t changed. Derek X suggests to Kyland that he go to Frenchie and just act remorseful for the snarky comment he made the other night about Frenchie nominating him. Derek X also mentioned that he (DX) should do some damage control with Alyssa’s teammates and explain to them that he knows that she will be okay on the block against Travis, where he doesn’t think that Kyland would be. Derek X also mentions that he told Travis his only shot at not hitting the block is if he could convince Frenchie to renom another woman.

There were a lot of conversations between Xavier, Alyssa, Azah, Derek F, and a couple of other HGs about how ridiculous it is that Frenchie is keeping Travis in the loop about every move that’s being made. Alyssa thinks it’s pretty messed up how Frenchie could talk about putting Travis on the block while Travis is sitting next to him. Alyssa also tells Derek F, Azah, and Xavier about Kyland being super paranoid and asking Alyssa if she would feel safer if Derek X used the veto on her during the Ceremony. She has a dumbfounded look on her face and says “I wouldn’t feel safer, I would be safe…” They all have a pretty good laugh about the ridiculousness of the question.

A new alliance was born and no Frenchie wasn’t in it. This alliance is Sarah Beth, Tiffany, and Claire and they are calling themselves The Jackpots. They talk a bit about who they want to go before jury and Sarah Beth talks about how if she wins HOH she is likely to nominate Derek X and Travis (if he stays). If not, Tiffany mentions that Alyssa is a good pawn because she stays calm under pressure.

Feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony and when they came back up, we found out that the Veto was used on Kyland and Travis was renominated as planned. Alyssa had a conversation with Derek X where he told her he would vote for her to stay over Travis. She relays this to Azah and Xavier, but she is worried that Travis might use the “I’m a bigger threat” argument to persuade people to keep him around. After Alyssa leaves the room, Azah and Xavier talk a bit and Azah mentions that if she wins HOH she is going to nominate Derek X and Brent. They also talked about how it might be a good idea for the two of them to not be seen talking so much.

Xavier and Derek F have a conversation about next week and they both agree that they are in pretty good places right now and winning HOH isn’t really something they need to do just yet. They also talk about how if there is a Battle Back, there is a good chance that Travis could end up coming back to the game.

Azah and Britini talk about next week’s Wildcard Comp and discuss which one of them would want to compete. Britini says that it all depends on who is HOH and how safe they think they might be. They talk about how it might be a good idea for Frenchie to compete since he has been pretty good at comps and with the wheel, he can potentially save them all again if he spins a three.

Brent and Frenchie talk about The Slaughterhouse alliance and how they can ride it out until the final 8 and if by then they can’t trust Kyland, they can cut him first.

Derek X talks to Tiffany about Travis’s campaign so far and says that he is doing a pretty good job. Adds that Travis could possibly pull it off. Tiffany implied during this conversation that she and Claire are likely going to vote for Travis to stay because they are all on the same team.

Meanwhile, Derek F is trying to get Frenchie to calm down before he makes their entire team a target. Frenchie then calls a meeting for the members of the Slaughterhouse alliance to make it official and get it on camera for television. Frenchie tells Alyssa that it will likely be a unanimous vote for her to stay this week unless Derek X votes to keep Travis. She tells Frenchie that Derek X already told her he was voting for her to stay.

Frenchie had asked Tiffany if she was going to play hard for the HOH this week and she tells him yes. She adds that she doesn’t want to be a HN and her team is going to be down a player so they are going to have to work harder for it. Frenchie tells her that he doesn’t think anyone is attacking her team specifically, Travis just needs to go. Tiffany says that she doesn’t mind that Travis is going, but Frenchie says that he really likes Travis, but he was put under a lot of pressure by the house to nominate him.

Frenchie tells Derek F later on that he thinks he might have to play in the Wildcard Comp next week. Derek F tells him to just wait and see who wins HOH because he is going to regret using his one shot at winning it if he doesn’t really need to.

Sarah Beth tells Kyland about The Jackpots and Kyland shares details with her about The Slaughterhouse alliance (they had agreed to share information with each other early on). Kyland mentions that he thinks that Frenchie might be the best player in the house, but Sarah Beth disagrees and says that he is emotional and messy, she adds that she doesn’t trust him either.

Tiffany and Azah have a conversation (pictured above) about who they plan to target. They both agree that Brent would be their target next week with Derek X as their other nominee. Tiffany says that if she has to renom someone, she would renom Whitney because she is the top female she wants to go.

Alyssa told Frenchie that if she wins HOH next week she would nominate Derek X (for not using the veto on her) and Hannah (for saying she would vote her out if she was next to Kyland). Christian tells Brent and Kyland that a woman needs to go next week to keep the numbers even.

That was the last bit of chatter before the last few HGs went to bed. Today we will probably see a lot of campaigning from both nominees, but it should be a relatively quiet day today also. I’ll have another live feeds recap for you tomorrow morning!

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