Welcome back to Big Big Brother for all your Big Brother 23 spoilers, recaps, and live feeds recaps! Wednesday night we kicked off a brand new season of Big Brother and had our first night of the live feeds! Unfortunately, there is no Big Brother After Dark this season, however, you can get all the details from the live feeds right here!

The feeds kicked on at 9:35 PM BBT (Big Brother Time) and there were just a lot of general conversations going on while the HGs unpacked and got settled in. Alyssa wasn’t feeling well so she and a couple of the other HGs were in the bathroom lounging.

Frenchie and Tiffany connected a bit and he says that he realized that he is the “old guy” this season. Tiffany is older than he is. Frenchie tells Tiffany that he doesn’t plan to go after any of the women this week and they talk about going after the jocks. Frenchie also promises that he will be the “showmance killer.”

Whitney and Tiffany talk and Whitney mentions that she would have gone after two weaker players with the option of backdooring someone stronger if she had won the HOH. Tiffany points out that two of those weaker players are working with Frenchie. Whitney also mentions that she wants to bring Britini into their group.

The Have-Not room was revealed. It has three single beds and then a double bed with some kind of divider.

Travis and Derek X seem to be hitting it off. They spent a lot of time talking about various things. One of the things they talked about was potential allies. Travis mentions that he is worried about how intense Britini is, they talk about how close Christian and Brent are getting and Travis mentions that he would really like to work with Hannah and Claire.

Frenchie is talking to Britini, Tiffany, and Sarah. Frenchie tells them that he thinks he has a plan and tells them that it will be a true BD. He tells them that there would be no chance of retaliation or anything. He tells them that he needs to be strategic about pawns though. Sarah mentions that it’s risky to put up people you want to work with this early in the game. He also tells them that he doesn’t plan to put any of the women up.

Frenchie goes to talk to Xavier in the HN room. Frenchie mentions that there are 16 of them in the house and by the end of the season, 15 of them will have their dreams crushed. Frenchie tells Xavier that he kind of hopes that someone loses it and makes this week easy on him.

Britini later talks to Christian and Christian mentions an eight-person alliance, but Britini mentions that eight isn’t a good number and they talk about a five or six-person alliance and when they start talking about specific people, feeds cut.

Britini talks to Claire and tells her that she would really like to work with her and at the same time, Christian and Brent are talking about Frenchie and how smart of a player he is because he watches the game a lot. They are talking about how they have to lay low with Frenchie and make sure they aren’t the last people to piss him off this week because that will make them an easy target.

Frenchie talks to Hannah, Azah, Claire, and Britini and reiterates that he refuses to put women on the block because it’s just his preference. He plans to go after the jocks in the house and asks the women that in return, they don’t target him next week if they win HOH. The ladies try to guess who he is targeting, feeds cut to another camera.

It was a pretty productive night on the Big Brother live feeds. We don’t have any ideas who he is nominating, just that it won’t be any of the women in the house and it won’t be Derek F because he is safe this week. Nominations will most likely happen sometime on Thursday and the Wildcard Competition will happen either Thursday or Friday so that they can air it on Sunday. Be on the lookout for spoilers!

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