We have officially kicked off week 10 of Big Brother 23 with the Cookout making our Final 6. It was a pretty quiet night with the Week 10 Head of Household playing out the and new HOH figuring out what to do this week on Big Brother 2021. If you missed out on who won the HOH or any of the chats from Thursday night’s live feeds, check out my Big Brother spoilers for all the details!

The live feeds came back up right after the Double Eviction took place and there was a bit of a spat between Kyland and Derek. Derek was in the back bedroom and Kyland walked in. Derek said something about Kyland giving him an attitude before the vote when Kyland and Alyssa were on the block. Derek wanted to vote for Alyssa to stay, but that would have caused a tie. Derek is telling Kyland that he wasn’t going to do anything that put Kyland in danger though and all he did was ask a question. Derek tells Kyland that the way that Kyland came at him was unnecessary.

Hannah kept apologizing to Xavier for putting him on the block again and he tells her that she needs to stop. He tells her that she did what needed to be done and there is no reason to be sorry about that. He tells her that he is proud of her and how she handled her HOH.

Tiffany tells Kyland that she is sorry that he had to go up, but he tells her that he was expecting it so it was fine. He said that he was fine with it until Derek said he wanted to throw a vote to Alyssa. He adds that when Derek said that it set him off (which was why they were having their talk when the feeds came back up).

Derek tells Hannah that he hasn’t given a single sympathy vote to a jury member and he really wanted to give one to Alyssa. He mentions that he is now looking good to sit next to in F2 because he hasn’t been able to vote for any of them to stay. Derek says that if Kyland wins, Hannah and Azah will go up, but if he wins he’s going to put Tiffany up. He says that he doesn’t know what Tiffany would do, he thinks that she might go after Kyland or Xavier though. Hannah asks him if she is going to go up next to Tiffany if he wins and he tells her yes, as a pawn and tells her not to worry.

Kyland tells Hannah that he was expecting to go up when Xavier won the Veto and he only got upset when Derek wanted to mess with the vote.

Derek tells Xavier that he still wants Tiffany out and he would put her and Hannah up if he won HOH. He says that if Hannah comes down, he would put Kyland up because they would have enough votes to keep Kyland. Derek suggests that after they get Tiffany out, they can take out Kyland and Xavier agrees. Xavier tells Derek he would probably put Kyland and Tiffany up together if he wins HOH. Xavier camtalks right after this conversation and says that he really wants this HOH and says there is no more throwing comps.

Hannah and Azah talk about how they can’t believe they were able to pull off getting all the people of color to the end. Hannah says “We are here. Three black women, three black men, top 6. A black person is going to win Big Brother US for the first time.”

The HGs are talking and Tiffany mentioned that she was one of the two votes against Alyssa in week 1. Hannah says that no one suspected her and Tiffany says that’s why she wanted Frenchie to go so bad because he was the one that urged her to do it.

The feeds go down for the Veto and when they come back up, Kyland is laying on the kitchen island with the HOH key around his neck. Derek is in the Have-Not room crying because he was really close to winning. Meanwhile, Kyland is already trying to plan out quick one-on-ones with everyone before the end of the night.

Kyland talks to Derek after the comp and Derek asks if he has anything to worry about this week? Kyland tells him no, there are two people in the house that haven’t seen the block yet (Tiffany and Azah). Kyland says he knows what he has to do, but he doesn’t want to do it.

Kyland camtalked a bit after his conversation with Derek and he tells us that he didn’t intend to win this HOH, he was really hoping that Derek would have. He says that Derek would have put Hannah and Tiffany up for him. Kyland mentions that his winning this HOH could ruin his chances in F2 and he’s tempted to do something crazy. He says like putting Xavier and Tiffany up and letting everyone figure it out.

Azah asked Kyland if he was going to put her up and he tells her that he doesn’t want to. Kyland told Tiffany that Derek would put Tiffany and Hannah up if he won HOH this week. Kyland told Xavier that he really wants to go to F2 with Xavier and that the only person he has promised safety to this week is Derek. Kyland also told Xavier that the only thing that makes sense for this week is for him to put Tiffany and Hannah up with Azah as a renom. He says that he is worried about Tiffany winning the Veto.

I will have confirmation on the nominations later on, but for right now it looks like Tiffany and Hannah will hit the block with Tiffany being his target. We shall see how this week plays out! Be on the lookout for spoilers later today!

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