Saturday was Power of Veto day inside the Big Brother 23 house and for one houseguest it was imperative to win. Which of the four Big Brother 2021 houseguests won this week’s Power of Veto and will have all power this week? Read on to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds right here!

The houseguests did a lot of relaxing prior to the Veto competition and spent some time studying their days and events in case it was part of this week’s competition. Derek camtalked to us a bit about how the game is definitely harder than it looks on television and because he hasn’t won any competitions, his game is in everyone else’s hands. He says that he expects the days and events comp to come soon, but says that he thinks everyone else knows them better than he does.

The feeds cut for the Veto comp and about two and a half hours later, the feeds returned to all cameras in the Have-Not room where Kyland is visibly upset. He talked to himself about how this is what everyone was warning him about and adds that for weeks he has kept Xavier safe, he just hopes that Xavier returns the favor. During this talk to himself, he also mentioned how he knew he had to win this competition, but he was the first one out.

Xavier goes up to the HN room to check on Kyland and asks how he is. Kyland tells him not good, but he’s happy for Xavier. Xavier tells him that they will do all veto talks tomorrow, for tonight he just wants to relax. Kyland reminds Xavier that he has put Xavier over his own game many times and Xavier tells him to wait and see what happens with the Veto.

There was some downtime in the house with the HGs talking about the Veto comp. It was a days and events comp and Kyland and Azah talked about how they both got hung up on the question about what day the oven fire was. The HGs played some cards and reflected on the season.

Xavier, Derek, and Azah are talking about evicting Kyland on Thursday. Derek clearly wants to build his resume by being the one to vote out Kyland, but he doesn’t want to lose his Jury vote. Azah says that she would be more than willing to vote Kyland out if Derek is hesitant about it.

Xavier and Azah go out to the hot tub and chat while Derek and Kyland are talking in the kitchen. Kyland is trying to get Derek’s support and Derek tells him that no one knows what’s going to happen at the Veto Ceremony. Outside, Xavier and Azah are talking about how Kyland needs to go this week.

Azah and Derek talked about deals they have made in the house and which ones they have kept and broken. Azah really wants to be the one to vote Kyland out on Thursday, but Derek says that after talking game with Kyland earlier, it’s going to be a lot easier for him to vote Kyland out. He is convinced that Kyland needs to go.

Before heading to bed, Kyland camtalks about how disappointed he is in himself and how he performed in the Veto Comp. He talks about how he came in last place and lost to two people that haven’t done well in comps all season. Kyland hopes that his loyalty will be rewarded in the end.

We have a long way until Thursday’s live Veto Ceremony, will Kyland be able to convince Xavier that he should be sitting in F3? We will have to wait and see how this week plays out. Remember, there is no show tonight because of the Emmys. The next show will air on Wednesday at 10 PM EST after the premiere of Survivor Season 41.

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