It was a pretty quiet Sunday inside the Big Brother house as the houseguests enjoyed their time in the backyard. The target for week 2 of Big Brother 23 has been set and the plan for Monday’s Veto Ceremony will play out later on. In the meantime, read on to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds right here.

The houseguests got a later than usual wake-up call on Sunday and lounged around for most of the morning. Azah and Derek F talked about the vote on Thursday and Azah tells him that she is going to vote to keep Britini this week. Britini camtalks a few minutes later about next week’s HOH and how she isn’t going to gun it and she is going to try and lay low next week.

Derek X tells Claire that he will throw the next HOH to either her or Tiffany and that he plans to stick with Claire, Tiffany, and Kyland going into next week. They both feel good about Kyland and DX mentions that he is glad that Kyland trusted him enough to tell him about the Slaughterhouse before Frenchie blew it up.

Azah, Tiffany, and DF talked about how if Frenchie had been allowed to quit the night before, Kyland would have had to name another nominee. DF mentions that Frenchie should fight until the end.

Azah had a conversation with DX about how Brent is going to be a huge threat when the teams go away and they start playing as individuals. She also told him that she feels like her team is being targeted this week. DX tells her that he would really like to use the POV on Britini, but he is worried that another member of the Jokers will just be put up in her place.

Azah then talked to Tiffany about how she feels that if Britini came off the block this week that he would put her (Azah) up in her place. She feels like she has the weakest connection to Kyland. Azah also talked about how she was really hoping to keep Frenchie around a little longer to use him as a shield, but they both agree that it’s too risky at this point. Azah says that she still plans to vote him out.

Christian later told Hannah that he thinks they should keep Frenchie this week and vote out Britini. He tells her Frenchie will be a bigger target next week if he stays. Later Christian talked to Alyssa about using Britini to their advantage since she doesn’t really have anyone else in the house. Alyssa tells Christian that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for either of them to win HOH next week. Christian tells Alyssa that he feels like America is waiting for them to start a showmance and that they would be loved by America because they are underdogs.

Frenchie talked to Tiffany and DF about how he only trusts them and Sarah Beth and that he is going to tell his son that when he gets home. He also made Tiffany and DF promise to continue working together even after he is done.

There was a lot of hanging out and playing games throughout the evening. Not much game talk, but last night, Frenchie did try and talk to Kyland again. He tells Kyland that he has been nothing but loyal to him and then Claire walks in and Frenchie leaves. Kyland tells Claire that Frenchie must have forgotten about all the lies he told and the things he has said since entering the house.

Britini tried to encourage Frenchie to try and talk to Kyland again, but he says that Kyland told him to wait until tomorrow. Brent and DX talked about how much nicer the house is going to be without Frenchie in it, meanwhile, Frenchie is talking about how the house won’t be fun without him and that production needs to step in. Frenchie then tells Britini that if he stays he is going to fight hard for HOH.

So while Frenchie plans to make another pitch to Kyland today, I don’t see there being any shot at Frenchie staying in the house at this point, especially after blowing up his alliance to the whole house. Make sure you check back a little later for the POV Ceremony results! I’ll have spoilers for you as soon as it happens.

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