It was a busy day inside the Big Brother house with both the Wildcard Competition and Nomination Ceremony happening. One houseguest put on the block is the target, but the Big Brother 23 houseguests are trying to convince them they are just a pawn. Keep reading to get all the details and all the other Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds right here!

First thing yesterday morning, Kyland and Tiffany talked and finalized a F2 deal. Meanwhile, Xavier was scrambling to find out which HGs were going to compete in this week’s Wildcard Competition. Alyssa told Xavier that based on a conversation she had with the Aces, it looked like they were going to leave their choice up to random draw, but Xavier had something else in mind. He went to Derek X and asked him how easy he thought it would be to get his team to let him compete in this week’s Wildcard. DX was pretty confident he could make this happen and Xavier told him he would appreciate it. DX asked him what he thought of Whitney competing if she was okay with throwing the comp. Xavier said he would be fine with that but worried that if he had to use her as a nom, he wouldn’t be able to if she wins.

Hannah and Whitney talked about who they need to get out before Jury. They agreed that Xavier, Christian, and Alyssa couldn’t all be in Jury together because they would all vote for the same person. They also talked about how they think that Alyssa is the glue in that trio because both guys have a crush on her, so if they take her out first, they should be okay with Christian and Xavier sticking around a little longer.

Azah and Derek F had a conversation about how if Brent goes this week, they have to go after a woman next week. Azah says that it all depends on if Brent wins the POV this week or not. If Brent wins, then they send Whitney home and go after Brent again next week.

DF and Britini then talk and DF tells her that he is cool with taking out all the guys but that will eventually make him a target and all alone in the house. He says that this week he is okay with getting Brent out, but they have to target a woman next week.

Azah and Britini talked briefly before the Wildcard Competition started about the nomination possibilities for next week. Azah thinks it could be Christian and Alyssa but Britini wonders who they put up if Christian comes down off the block and Azah says then Whitney goes up.

The feeds go down for three and a half hours and when they come back up we find out that DX, Tiffany, and Britini all played in this week’s WIldcard. Tiffany went on to win it but turned down whatever offer they made her for safety. Britini is devastated that she didn’t win and is crying in the back bedroom.

Azah and DF are upset too because apparently DX and Tiffany teamed up against Britini in the comp. Kyland and Tiffany were talking right before this about how she can sell her win to the rest of the house. He tells her just to tell everyone that Xavier told her she had to win it this week and she did. Azah and DF agree that they have to watch what they say to Tiffany and agree that she needs to be the first one out of the Cookout.

Xavier talked to Hannah about the noms and says that Brent will be going up, but they have to make him feel like he isn’t the target. He then talks to Whitney and she tells him that she really hopes the target this week is one of her teammates (Brent) he says they are on the same page. He then wonders if Britini will be able to keep the secret that she isn’t the intended target and Brent is. Sarah Beth talked to Xavier and she tells him that she doesn’t think putting Britini up is a good move because it will upset the Jokers even further. She suggests Whitney goes up next to him.

Tiffany talked to Xavier about Azah being upset with the plan to put Britini up. Tiffany is irritated with Azah for playing so personally. Azah comes in after Tiffany leaves and tells Xavier that she doesn’t like the plan. She even tried to get Xavier to put her up instead of Britini and explains to him that she is loyal to their alliance, but she would rather see two Aces on the block than have a Joker up there.

Britini talked to Xavier next and she tells him that she is confused because she thought that she and Tiffany were supposed to team up against DX in the Wildcard, but Xavier explains to her that they need to keep Brent calm and he would have seen that and known that something wasn’t right. Xavier tells her that his plan is to put him up against her (B) or Azah in order to keep Brent calm. Britini suggests putting up a bigger threat like Whitney.

Kyland goes up to talk to Xavier before the noms took place and Xavier tells him that he isn’t putting Azah up even though she pushed for it. He tells Kyland that they need to keep Whitney calm this week and take her out next week. He adds that he isn’t willing to risk one of the Cookout members this week.

Feeds go down for noms, when they come back up we see Britini and Brent’s pictures on the Memory Wall. Xavier is talking to Britini in the backroom and apologizes for having to put her up. She tells him that she did it last week and she will do it again. Britini asks him not to renom Azah if given the chance and he promises her that he isn’t going to renom any of her teammates.

Brent tells Xavier that nominating him doesn’t make sense because he isn’t pawn material, he is a threat. Xavier reassures him that he isn’t the target this week. Brent asks him if anyone from his team knew he was going up and Xavier says no (they all did, in fact, they pushed for it).

Brent then goes to talk to his team and tells them that he isn’t an idiot and he knows that he is the target. Brent says that he is flattered that Xavier sees him as a target. Whitney tells him that if Brent was the target, she thinks that Xavier would have backdoored him. Brent tells them that Xavier doesn’t realize that they have the numbers to keep him safe this week (he doesn’t have the numbers because the entire house is in on it). Brent thinks that Xavier’s team knew that he was going up because Alyssa and Christian couldn’t look him in the eye.

Azah and Tiffany talked about their issues yesterday. Azah asked Tiffany why her and Derek X teamed up against Britini in the Wildcard. Tiffany tells her that she couldn’t let Britini win because she was worried that Azah would then end up on the block. Azah tells her that she wouldn’t have cared if she ended up on the block because she has the numbers. Tiffany came back at her with the fact that she shouldn’t care that Britini is on the block because they still have the numbers. Azah asked Tiffany if she knew that Britini was going on the block and she said no, but Xavier told her to play to win.

DX tells Britini that Brent doesn’t know more than half the house is after him and they can’t let him know that. Whitney tells Britini that she is really happy that Brent is on the block and that they all have her back. Britini tells them that she is ready for Brent to go because she knows he’s been throwing her name out there.

Alyssa and Christian are caught making out in the HOH room by Xavier. After Xavier leaves the room they both agree that they are screwed and nervously laugh about it. Xavier later teased them about catching them and tells them he’s been onto them for a while.

Azah tells Britini that she still doesn’t understand why Tiffany targeted Britini in the Wildcard and says something just doesn’t add up. Britini says that she didn’t even have a chance to win it and added that Tiffany didn’t even come in and check on her after nominations.

Later, DX talked about how he couldn’t win the POV this week because that would put a huge target on him and Brent wouldn’t leave him alone about using it if he did. He adds that it’s been super hard to lie to Brent all day about him not being a target.

Brent has a strong feeling that he is the target this week on Big Brother 23. Today the HGs will compete in the POV Comp and by the end of the day, we will know if Brent will be going or staying inside the Big Brother house. If he wins today, it could make for some drama inside the house as Xavier will have to find a new target. Be on the lookout for spoilers throughout the day!

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