Saturdays are Power of Veto day inside the Big Brother house and the houseguests got an early wakeup call to prepare for the busy day ahead. The Big Brother houseguests picked the Veto players, then competed in the comp, and one of the best scenarios for Xavier’s HOH played out. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds right here!

First thing Saturday morning, the houseguests talked about hearing a weird voice or audio during the wake-up music. The houseguests got up for the day and the morning was pretty uneventful until the POV players were picked. Xavier, Britini, and Brent found out that Whitney, Christian, and DF were going to join them in the POV comp and the odds of the POV being used were pretty slim.

After the players were picked, DF told Xavier that he didn’t like Xavier picking Christian to play because he felt that Christian was hard to beat. He says he preferred someone like Alyssa. He added that he was also worried about Whitney playing because she is the renom option. Xavier told him that she wouldn’t use the POV if she won it anyway. DF told Xavier that if he wins the POV he’s using it on Britini. DF told Xavier that he is more than welcome to put him on the block if he needs to. Xavier tells him that he’s not putting anyone from the Cookout on the block this week. He said in the past that it’s just too risky.

Xavier told Azah that his goal is to get the cookout to the end. Azah tells Xavier that she hates when people say disparaging things about other houseguests (like Brent did to her)

Claire and Xavier talk about how Brent still thinks that he has her support and she plans to keep pretending that’s the case. She thinks that the veto player picks went pretty well for their plan to get Brent out. Tiffany told Xavier the same thing and says that Brent thinks that he has her vote if he’s on the block on Thursday.

The feeds cut for the POV Comp and when they came back up Christian was wearing the POV Medallion. The way that the HGs talked about the comp, it sounded like it was Bowlerina, but they named it BB Spins this season.

SB, Britini, and Azah all talked and agreed that Whitney needs to go before Jury. They call her an emotional player and because of that, she will probably vote emotionally too. SB later talked to Alyssa and Christian and she mentioned that DF would be a good person to get out during a DE because he would be dramatic if he was on the block for a long period of time. After SB left that conversation, Alyssa and Christian talked about getting Whitney out next week and using either Hannah or Azah as a pawn.

DX starts to express a little concern about going after Brent this early in the game to Hannah. Hannah tells him she is fine with it because she’s not a fan of Brent’s anyway. Claire and Tiffany talked later about how Hannah and DX seem to be working really closely together, but Claire isn’t sure if there is any kind of official F2 with them.

Brent went to Alyssa and tells her that he thinks that he is leaving the house this week. Alyssa plays it off and asks him why he feels that way. Brent tells her that he doesn’t feel like Xavier wants their alliance to work out and he asks Alyssa not to say anything to anyone about it.

Hannah talked about needing to break up Alyssa and Christian before Jury because they will vote together no matter who makes it to the end SB later told Claire that she wants Hannah gone after Brent, not Britini like they had discussed in the past.

There was one more conversation between Kyland, Claire, and Tiffany where Kyland tells them he is worried that there might be a plan to go against the Kings. He also says that if someone from the Jokers wins the next HOH, he thinks that he and DX will end up on the block together. During this conversation, they all agreed that they won’t be telling Brent about the fact that he is going to be evicted this week.

Brent is going to be evicted on Thursday and it’s probably going to be a unanimous vote this week. Even DF says that he isn’t going to be voting for Brent to stay this week. The POV Ceremony happens tomorrow so we probably won’t see any campaigning until after that, but it’s not likely that campaigning will change anyone’s mind this week.

Make sure you come back later tonight for my full live recap of tonight’s all-new episode of Big Brother 23!

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