Still a lot of emotions going around the house after this week’s nominations were named on Big Brother 23. Another alliance has formed within a bigger alliance inside the Big Brother house. Read on to get all your Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds right here and let me know what you think!

We started the day off with Britini camtalking about being on the block and how she is already sick of it. She talked about how it should be someone else’s turn to be on the block because she has already been there. She however says that she will not be offering Christian any kind of deal in exchange for him using the Veto on her.

Azah talked to DF about her being upset about Britini being on the block especially because she offered to go up in her place. DF told her that they can’t risk any of the members of the Cookout to be on the block even as a pawn. Azah says that her not being made aware of the plan before the Wildcard Comp really upsets her.

Brent campaigns a little to Azah and explains to her that if Britini stays this week the Jokers will remain the target going into next week. However, if he stays then he will be the target therefore she and DF will be safe.

Tiffany and Kyland talked a little later on about Britni and her emotional play. Tiffany tells Kyland that Britini is being influenced by another emotional person (Azah). Britini is apparently demanding a public apology from Xavier for embarrassing her. Claire joins in the conversation and they agree that someone from the Kings or Queens needs to win HOH next week. Tiffany camtalked a little after this about how she loves Whitney, but she has to go next.

Brent tells Tiffany that Xavier said he wasn’t going to put Azah up because they were close. He mentions that he is worried that Xavier might be throwing away his game over her.

Alyssa, Christian, and DX talked about who they would target next and DX wondered if Whitney or Hannah would go after members of the Jokers if they won HOH. Right after this, Hannah and Christian talked and she told him that winning HOH and taking shots at people won’t benefit her game just yet.

DF talked to Tiffany and Kyland and says that he thinks that Alyssa should go next because she is a distraction to all the guys. He says that he would put Whitney and Alyssa up together. DF later tells Xavier that if he wins HOH he isn’t going to have conversations about what he is going to do. Everyone will find out when he brings down the box and turns the keys.

Xavier later has a conversation with Britini and apologizes to her for causing her stress by putting her up. He tells her that she isn’t going anywhere this week. DF asks if the plan is for Brent to go home this week and Xavier confirms that’s the plan. Christian and Alyssa confirm that Brent doesn’t know that he is the target and they want to keep it that way. Britini says that she doesn’t like that they aren’t telling him what’s going on and says that she wants to tell him.

Brent later camtalks about how he thinks that Christian is going to use the Veto so that DX can be put up, but he doesn’t want the Veto to be used. He mentions that he wants the Queens to pretend like they are going to betray him and then surprise Xavier by staying because he has the votes to stay. He says that if he wins HOH next week he will go after Xavier.

Before heading to bed, Royal Flush met in the HOH room. Alyssa tells them that she thinks she wants to target Whitney or Azah next week. DX tells them that Whitney said she would target the Jokers if she wins next week, but Tiffany says that Whitney told her she would go after the Kings. After debating who the target should be next week, they all agree that Whitney is the top target and everyone knows who they would put up against her.

After that talk broke off, DX, Tiffany, Kyland, and Claire all head to the HN room. Tiffany says that she feels good about their 8-person alliance, but she feels like they need to break up Christian and Alyssa sooner rather than later. DX agrees and says that Whitney would do that for him. During this conversation, the four of them make an alliance called the Detectives.

There are so many alliances in this house, I’m starting to lose track. I’m sure that some of these alliances will start to fall apart in the coming weeks.

Brent isn’t as aware of what’s going on as he thinks he is and wants his team to pretend to turn on him, but what he doesn’t realize is they already have for real turned on him. The Veto Ceremony will take place today inside the Big Brother house and it will likely not be used unless something big happens beforehand. Be on the lookout for those spoilers.

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