Sunday’s are usually pretty quiet inside the Big Brother 23 house and this week isn’t any different. With this week’s target all but evicted from the house, the rest of the houseguests started thinking about what to do in Week 5 of Big Brother 2021. Read on to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds right here!

We started the day with some camtalking from Tiffany. She talks about how much she wants SB out of the house next.

Whitney tells Britini that because of her social game, there is no way that she is going to stay over Hannah if she is still on the block come Thursday. Whitney then starts working on her BB Bucket list and DF helps her come up with some ideas. They decide on BB Nightclub, a makeup class, and a spa day.

Tiffany warns Hannah that she should maybe dumb it down a bit when it comes to her knowledge of the game this season (her days and events). She tells her that Christian will go back to Alyssa and tell her everything.

Kyland and SB talk about sticking with the Royal Flush a little bit longer. SB says that if she won an HOH during a DE she would go after DX but Xavier worries her too. SB mentions that Hannah told her that she (H) threw the HOH to Xavier. SB says that they need to win HOH next week, not Hannah or Xavier. Kyland tells SB that he is fine with Hannah going within the next few weeks.

Tiffany is still on the “SB is America’s Player” kick and is trying to convince DX that she is by telling her that houseguests usually have a personality and SB is so dull. She is pushing to try and get SB targeted next week. She also talked to Xavier about this later on and talked to Hannah about it right before bed.

Alyssa talks to Hannah and tells Hannah that she would have done nominations differently than Christian did. She mentions that she would have put a bigger target next to Whitney had she won HOH instead. Hannah tells Alyssa that she probably wouldn’t use Alyssa as a pawn next week if she wins HOH. Hannah asks if SB was pushing for the target being on her (H) and Alyssa tells her that SB wasn’t opposed to Hannah being the target.

Whitney talked to Christian about using the Veto on her. She tells him that she would work with him and the rest of the Kings if she stayed. Christian tells her that he will consider putting DX up as a renom, but later tells DF that her pitch didn’t change his mind about her being the target this week.

Christian and Alyssa almost got caught in the dark last night. Britini came up to the HOH while they were in bed and when she came in, Alyssa tells her they were just talking about his speech for tomorrow. Britini offers her assistance with a rap. After she leaves, Alyssa gets all stressed out because Britini knows she is up there and now she can’t stay and has to go sleep downstairs.

Before bed, Tiffany talks to Hannah about SB and how she thinks she is America’s Player. Talks turn to how Tiffany thinks that Kyland would take SB to F2 over any of the Cookout alliance members. She says that when she asked him what his plan was to get the six of them to the end, he didn’t have one. However, she is sure that he has one to get SB there.

Tiffany is getting a little paranoid about Kyland and his relationship with SB, which is why she is pushing for the others to see SB as some kind of threat. Will it work? We will have to wait and find out. I’ll have Veto Ceremony spoilers for you a little later today. As of now, it doesn’t look like Christian will be changing his nominations.

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