Sunday brought a lot of back and forth on what the final plan will be for Week 5 of Big Brother 23. With the Veto Meeting coming on Monday, the houseguests are waiting to see what happens. Part of the house is expecting one result, but the others know there is a different plan for Big Brother 2021. Get all the Big Brother spoilers for Sunday right here with our live feeds recap and find out all the details!

The day started with Britini telling DF and Azah that the reason Alyssa didn’t end up on the block was that she made a deal with DX on the wall before she jumped. DF says that he is expecting a Joker to go up in Britini’s place at the Veto Ceremony. After Britini left the room, DF tells Azah that when they get to the six, Tiffany has to be the first one to go. They both agree that Tiffany has been manipulating Britini.

A little later, Azah tells Xavier that she wants another Joker to go up in Britini’s place and Xavier points out that he and Alyssa made deals with Derek X. Azah flat out says that still leaves Christian available to go up.

DX got his punishment from the POV Comp. He is the “Lord of the Latrine” which has him blowing a horn and announcing every time someone goes into the bathroom. He has to address everyone as Lord and Lady also. This punishment will only last for one day.

Kyland and Xavier talked throughout the day about how they know a big move has to be made, but they don’t understand why DX wants to do it. He already has a big target on his back with all his comp wins, this is just going to make the target bigger. They both agree that it seems a King will be going home this week. Kyland mentions if that’s the case, the Royal Flush will be exposed.

Azah tells DF that if Christian is on the block on Thursday that she will vote him out because SB isn’t a threat to their game. DF, Azah, and Britini all agree that they would vote out Christian.

Tiffany tells Kyland that she is sad that DF is going to have to go soon and Kyland says that it’s probably best to get him out sooner rather than later. To get it over with. Xavier walks in and asks them if they are serious about backdooring Christian and then adds that if Christian goes then Alyssa could be his duo. After Xavier leaves the room, Tiffany asks Kyland how he knows SB outside of the house, and Kyland laughs. He promises her that he didn’t know SB before the show.

DX talks to Azah and tells her that the former Kings are really pressuring him to put up a Joker in Britini’s place. He tells her that wouldn’t be smart for his game and then asks her who she would vote out if another former King was put up. She tells him that she would vote out whoever he wanted to see go this week. Azah tells DX that Christian would go home (she’s assuming that’s who he was referring to) and that with a DE coming up, having Christian still in the house would be really scary.

Tiffany told Claire a little later that they don’t have to take SB out this week because they can easily beat her later on. She says based on how she played the Veto (she took the $5k over the Veto and asked Britini twice to throw the comp to her), she isn’t worried about SB winning any comps. Claire tells her that if DX puts Christian up they will vote him out this week and then take a shot at SB next week. Tiffany thinks that the next comp should be a mental comp and Hannah could win that and take the shot for them.

Xavier told SB that he wasn’t going to let her go home this week and that if they vote out Christian then their numbers will be even with the former Queens. He adds that if that’s the case, they will stop being the target.

Alyssa tells SB later that she talked to DX and the plan is to put DF up in place of Britini. This is what he is telling Alyssa and Christian to keep them calm and Alyssa has been going around telling everyone that she is going to tell SB 30 minutes before the show on Thursday that everyone is voting her out.

Azah has a talk with DX and tells him that taking Christian out this week makes complete sense and that she is completely on board with it. DX suspects that the vote will be 7-2 or 6-3 on Thursday. Azah tells DX that the Jokers will be grateful that another one of them didn’t hit the block this week and says that if she wins HOH next week, she will go after two more Kings.

DF and Xavier talked later on about how DX is going to be everyone’s target next week. They talk about how if Christian goes up this week, he’s gone and they are both happy that it isn’t one of them taking the shot. DF tells Xavier that DX goes next, then someone will take a shot at SB, but then someone will have to take out Alyssa because she will still be seeking revenge for Christian being evicted.

Hannah doesn’t want Alyssa to be blindsided and wants to give Alyssa the heads up about DX backdooring Christian, but Tiffany tells her that she will run to Christian. She tells Tiffany that’s fine, he should be able to prepare himself.

Later, DX talked to Xavier and tried to imply what he was planning, but Xavier tells him not to tell him anything before the meeting so that he can say he didn’t know anything.

If DX goes through with his plan to BD Christian, all signs point to it happening, the feeds after the Veto Ceremony are going to be wild. Be on the lookout for post Veto Ceremony spoilers to see if DX goes through with the BD and then tomorrow morning I will have a full recap of the fallout!

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