Tuesday brought more campaigning from one nominee who is desperate to stay in the Big Brother 23 house. Some of the Big Brother 2021 houseguests spent time debating on whether they should tell this week’s target that they don’t have the votes. Keep reading our live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds.

We started the day with a talk between the former Jokers and Azah tells them that the votes will likely be 2-7 this week with Christian leaving on Thursday. She tells them that Alyssa needs to go next week if Christian leaves this week because she is going to be looking for revenge. Azah suggests that they pull Alyssa in since she won’t have anyone to work with and then put her up next to Sarah Beth. She also suggests that they make Alyssa think she’s a pawn.

A little later, Azah talked to Kyland in the Storage Room and he is telling her that he is trying to keep his distance from DX because of Xavier. He says that he is trying to do the same with SB because of Alyssa, but he’s having a hard time figuring out the right amount of distance without appearing to be fake. Azah tells him that it all depends on what seems to be helping his game and that she is only worried because SB is starting to get super emotional with a lot of people and appearing to be the damsel in distress.

SB talked to Derek F about when she should campaign. She tells him that she has had people tell her to wait until Wednesday, but then she hears that Christian and Alyssa have been campaigning hard since after the Veto Meeting. She isn’t sure what to do. He tells her that she needs to do what’s best for her game and not listen to other people. He says that if she feels like she should start campaigning now, then do it.

Christian campaigned to Derek X yesterday afternoon and tried to strike a deal with him that they couldn’t target each other for the next three weeks if he stays. Christian reminded him that if he goes this week, DX will likely go next week because he will have Alyssa and Xavier coming after him. He tells DX that he is convinced that he needs DX in this game and says that they both act as shields for each other and one without the other isn’t going to last long. Christian also told DX that while he was HOH, Kyland told him that he was most worried about DX when it came to the Royal Flush. DX asks him what his reasons were and Christian told him that he said that DX was sneaky.

DX wasn’t agreeing to the deal right away and Christian asked him a few times if he was okay with this deal. DX finally told him that he needs time to think about it and whether it’s a good move for his game. Christian tells him that if he is good with this ceasefire that he would just have to convince Tiffany and Claire to vote to keep him this week, he has a plan for the rest.

Alyssa then went up to the HOH room and asked DX if Christian was always his plan, but he tells her no. He tells her that Christian only became the plan after his real target, Britini, won the POV. Alyssa reminds DX that SB was pushing for Hannah to be the target last week and that Christian was the one that shut that down.

DX tells Hannah that Christian told him Kyland thinks he (DX) is sketchy, but Hannah doesn’t believe that for a second and thinks that they are just grasping at straws. DX tells her that Alyssa thinks that SB masterminded this week, but Hannah says that Alyssa definitely thinks it was Kyland. DX tells Hannah that he really likes working with Hannah, Claire, and Tiffany and thinks they are a strong four. Hannah suggests that they bring Azah and DF into the group as a F6 instead of SB and Kyland.

Christian tries to campaign to Hannah again and repeats all the things he has said before. She tells him that her mind isn’t made up, but she is going to vote how DX wants her to.

Tiffany talked to DX about who the target should be next week and he tells her that he sees a lot of the house targeting Alyssa, Kyland, or SB next week. DX suggests that if SB goes next week that it will weaken Kyland and then they can reel him back in.

Britini tells Azah that she should tell Christian on Thursday that she isn’t voting for him to stay. Azah tells Britini she isn’t sure if she wants to tell him at all. Britini tells Azah that she can’t tell him that she isn’t voting for him, she says she is in a weird spot with them.

The houseguests hung out for a while and got the camera for pictures. Later, Christian talked to Claire again and she tells him that he doesn’t have all the votes he thinks he has. He then goes to Britini and asks her to head a meeting with the rest of the house asking them to vote to keep him. Claire is camtalking at this point that she really wishes that it was SB that was going this week. Claire says that she promised Christian her vote and that’s what she plans to do.

Tiffany is getting tired of Christian’s efforts to stay in the house. Tiffany warns Britini that if Christian thinks she is voting for him that will cause fallout between her and Alyssa next week when she realizes Britini didn’t vote for him. DF joins the conversation and Azah tells him that she is frustrated with Tiffany wanting to tell Christian he doesn’t have the votes. DF isn’t opposed to it though. They also ask Britini not to do the campaign meeting for Christian. After Tiffany leaves the room, Azah says that she thinks that Tiffany really has an issue with SB staying.

DF is talking outside and says that he is frustrated with Tiffany trying to convince the Jokers that they need to tell Christian that they aren’t voting for him. He notes that it’s only good for her game if they do that. Azah joins the conversation and DF wants to tell the Cookout that he doesn’t want to work with them anymore. Azah doesn’t think that’s a good idea and he says that he wants to use her as a pawn to show her that she can’t push his game. They wonder if Tiffany wants everyone to vote Christian out so that she can vote to keep him.

These talks continued throughout the night between the Cookout members. Their growing frustrations with Tiffany could cause a fallout within the Cookout. We will have to see how this plays out.

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