It was Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother 23 house and this week’s nominees were busy trying to convince others why they should stay. There was some drama the night before that is causing pretty big cracks in one of the alliances on Big Brother 2021. If you missed any of the drama from the live feeds for Wednesday, check out our Big Brother spoilers here!

The morning started with a conversation between the former Jokers who are pretty upset with Tiffany and her trying to convince them that they shouldn’t lie to Christian about their vote. Britini had gone to Tiffany because she was conflicted and Tiffany told her that she should do what’s best for her game but then implied that telling Christian the truth was what was best. Azah and DF weren’t happy with Tiffany trying to manipulate Britini into throwing herself under the bus. Tiffany then tried to get them to do the same and this is what the conversation was about between the former Jokers Wednesday morning.

Xavier, Alyssa, and Christian talk over different counterarguments for Christian’s one-on-ones for the day. Xavier says that if Christian leaves on Thursday, they at least know that it wasn’t his arguments that sent him out.

Britini talked to Azah and DF about how she was feeling conflicted about what she should do with telling Christian how she is voting. Azah tells Britini that if she does that, she is going to make herself a target for Alyssa and Xavier. DF says that if she doesn’t say anything, they will continue to target DX and SB going into next week.

Azah decides that she is going to tell Christian that at this point, she isn’t going to be voting for him. She tells him that anything can happen between their conversation and eviction, but at this point, she doesn’t think voting for Christian to stay is what’s best for her game. Christian gets really upset about their conversation and starts punching at the pillows and crying that there is no point to continue campaigning because it seems like everyone has made up their mind.

SB started her one-on-ones and everyone pretty much told her she was sitting in a pretty good spot this week. Britini did tell SB that if she didn’t win the Veto this week, Britini was the target to go home this week. SB tells Britini that she thinks that the plan was always for Christian to go up.

After Britini’s conversation with SB, she ran into Christian and he tells her that he feels like he is going home this week and he doesn’t see a point in campaigning anymore. He also asked her what SB was saying and if she was campaigning for herself or against him. Britini tells him that she is campaigning for herself.

Alyssa tells Christian and Xavier that she figured out why SB didn’t trust that they would take her down if they ended up winning the Veto. She tells them that she heard that there was doubt within the Kings after SB took the money prize during the Veto comp.

Christian did decide to campaign and he started his campaign with Tiffany and he highlights that he is a shield for a lot of the HGs including her. Adding that if he stayed, the house would just keep nominating him and probably put Alyssa up next to him at this point. Tiffany tells him that he gave her a lot to think about. Christian also adds that if he stays, they would still be getting rid of someone who is likely earning extra money for being there (they are convinced that SB and Kyland are some secret duo or that SB is America’s Player).

Tiffany tells DX that she doesn’t think she believes anyone saying that they are voting Christian because he is presenting a really good argument to stay. Tiffany tells DX that she is really annoyed with the Jokers for pretending that they are keeping Christian when they aren’t. She says that it’s making Christian think that Tiffany is the swing vote. She also tells DX that Azah won’t even make eye contact with her. At this point in the conversation, DX has realized that Tiffany wants to keep Christian this week. DX tells Tiffany that if they don’t get Christian out now while he is next to a weak player, they will never get rid of him.

Tiffany and Xavier are talking now and Tiffany mentions that she wants to flip the house but knows that if she does that then DX will no longer be on her side. Tiffany wonders if she can get Christian to promise DX not to target him. (Christian already tried that, but it didn’t work) Xavier asks if the Cookout should crumble, would they want to bring Christian into their group. Tiffany says it would be them, Christian, Hannah, Claire, and Alyssa.

Tiffany checked in with Claire and she tells Claire that she is struggling with her vote. Claire says that she is too. They talk about the benefits of Christian staying and wonder if they can flip the house. They only need one more vote and they think that if they talk to the Jokers that they can get it there.

Meanwhile, DX was concerned about the votes from the Jokers, so he checked in with them and Azah told him that she was still voting him out. Britini says that she told Christian she was voting with the house. DF tells DX that he will pull Christian into the living room now and call a house meeting to tell him in front of the entire house that he is going home this week.

Xavier talked to DF trying to convince him that keeping Christian is what’s best for their game this week and that they can take him out next week. DF tells him that he is sick of Alyssa and Christian and he needs to go home. He adds that SB can be taken out next week easily. Meanwhile, Claire and Tiffany are strongly considering a vote flip and the feeds cut for a short time.

When the feeds came back up, there was clearly some drama because DF was downstairs with Azah and Christian in the kitchen acting really upset and Tiffany was upstairs with DX and Claire verbally expressing her anger. Based on the chats, it sounded like Claire and Tiffany wanted to talk to Britini because she was the only Joker they felt might vote to keep Christian but Azah and DF followed her into the room acting like they didn’t trust Tiffany to talk to Britini alone.

Xavier tells Hannah and Kyland that Christian made a great argument to Tiffany and now she wants to keep Christian. Hannah tells Xavier that if Christian stays and wins HOH, Hannah and DX will likely go up and DX will likely win the POV and she will be voted out.

Claire tells DX that she could convince Christian to go after Kyland if he stays this week. DX tells her that he doesn’t think that’s a good game move if Alyssa and Christian are still in the house.

DF tells Xavier that the reason they all went up to the HOH room was that Tiffany sent Christian to get Britini and they weren’t going to allow Tiffany and Christian to corner Britini.

Hannah wants Azah and DF to talk to Tiffany, but DF says he isn’t going to do that. Hannah asks him how are the six going to work together when he can’t even talk to Tiffany? DF says that they can talk after HOH because if she wins, he will likely go on the block. Meanwhile, Tiffany is telling Xavier that if it wasn’t for the six, she would be working with Claire, Hannah, and Christian in this game.

Xavier had a long chat with Tiffany about her campaign for Christian to stay and how if the majority of the six want Christian gone, then that’s what they have to do. Hannah goes to talk to Tiffany after and tells her that she is worried if Christian stays and wins HOH that he will put her and Kyland up with a plan to BD DX. Tiffany tells her not to worry about it, she isn’t pushing for him to stay anymore. Tiffany tells her that if a vote flip will put Hannah’s game in danger she doesn’t want to do that.

Christian and Alyssa get to talk to Britini and talk to her about her vote and when she is done talking to them, she goes into another room and cries about all the pressure. She then goes to Xavier and tells him that she is worried if she does the wrong thing, half the house is going to be upset with her.

Christian started to accept his fate and Alyssa and Xavier both applauded his efforts. He went to Britini and told her to vote with the house and let him go. He suggested to her that she work with Xavier and Alyssa going forward.

Despite his strong efforts, Christian will most likely be voted out of the Big Brother house tonight. Unless something big happens this morning on the live feeds. Be on the lookout for my eviction prediction coming up later. I will be including my eviction poll in there because of the cliffhanger at the end of last night’s episode!

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