It was a pretty mellow day inside the Big Brother 23 house with the houseguests making plans for what to do in case there is a Double Eviction. If you missed any of the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds, read on to get all the details on what the Big Brother 2021 houseguests talked about right here!

We started the morning off with a chat between Kyland and Xavier where they were trying to figure out how a Double Eviction will work in the house as opposed to seeing it on television. Alyssa joins the conversation and mentions that the backyard is closed already which means they must be setting up something big outside. She says that it must be a DE this week. They talk about what the potential comps could be if it is.

Claire talks to Tiffany and wonders the likelihood of Kyland voting for her to stay. Tiffany tells her that Kyland likes her and when he talks to Tiffany about their plans going forward, is Claire included in them. Tiffany says that Kyland always includes Claire in their talks. Tiffany talks about Derek and how she doesn’t care what he says, she knows that he wants her out next. She also says that Xavier, Alyssa, and even Azah want her out at some point.

Tiffany and Azah talk about Azah giving Claire a vote. They mentioned that it might be a good idea to try and hide the alliance and make it seem like they aren’t all working together. They would also be able to pin one of the votes on Kyland so that if Alyssa wins the HOH, she would put Kyland up and they would be able to get him out first as they wanted. Hannah was laying in bed next to them during this conversation and when Tiffany left the room, Hannah wonders to Azah what they would tell Alyssa about those votes because if she puts one of them up thinking they were the other vote, they could go next. They talked about it a little and realized that if either of them are sitting next to Kyland, they would have the votes to stay.

Later, Alyssa tells Derek that she talked to Azah and they think that they should tell Hannah last second that they are voting Claire out. That way she can also vote Claire out and be on the right side of the vote, leaving Kyland as the only vote against Xavier giving them a reason to put him up next week. She also thinks that if they do it this way, Kyland and Tiffany will be too flustered to compete in the DE because they were just blindsided.

Alyssa also mentions that if anyone is sitting next to Tiffany in F2, they would win because she just made the biggest mistake of her game. Talks turn to how Tiffany wants to get all the men out and Derek says that if anything the women need to get all the other women out because if they are sitting next to a guy in F2, they are more likely to win because the Jury is mostly women.

Alyssa got her video message from her family (it was a reward from the Veto in Week 5). The video message was from her older sister, her two nephews, and her dog.

Claire made her pitch to Azah and talked about the jury votes Azah would have if she was sitting next to Claire versus Xavier. After her talk with Azah, Claire talks to Tiffany about how everyone should want to take this shot at Xavier because there might not be many more opportunities to get him out. Tiffany says that he might not hit the block again if he stays this week. Tiffany asked Claire what she would do if she stays and wins HOH and Claire tells her she would put Alyssa and Derek up if she stayed and won.

Hannah is worried about if this week is a DE. Azah tells her that no one is coming for her, but Hannah says that she might still end up on the block. She also says that she is worried that Kyland and Xavier won’t gun for it and Tiffany can’t play, which means Alyssa has a good chance of winning this week. Azah says that Alyssa would probably put Kyland and Tiffany on the block. Hannah says that if one of them comes down, Hannah and Azah would go up before Derek would. Azah agrees with that.

Hannah later asks Kyland if he is set on not winning this upcoming HOH and he tells her that he is set on wanting to play in the F6 HOH. He tells her that he would rather not win this week if he didn’t have to. Hannah tells him that she would like to win but doesn’t know what she would tell Alyssa as her reason for putting her on the block. Kyland asks her who she would put up next to Alyssa and she tells him, Xavier.

There was some downtime. They played a dating game and Azah went on “dates” with Xavier and Kyland and in the end, she chose Xavier as the winner. They had their Covid tests done and Hannah taught the others TikTok dances.

Claire complained to Kyland about how good Xavier is in this game and suspects that Tiffany and Xavier have a deal. She goes through the jury votes if it came down to Kyland and Xavier to show Kyland that he would lose if he is sitting next to Xavier in the end. Claire talks about putting Alyssa and Derek on the block if she stays and putting Azah up if one of them comes down. She does know that there is a high chance that she is going this week.

Tiffany and Hannah talk a little and Hannah tells Tiffany that she noticed that Xavier never throws Derek or Azah’s name out and believes that might be his preferred F3. Tiffany also mentions that Kyland is always studying with Derek, but doesn’t study with them. Tiffany wishes that they could get Azah to work closer to them so that it could be all three women working together.

There was some more light talk. Hannah and Tiffany believe that Xavier and Kyland are planning to keep Derek for a F3, Xavier is annoyed that there are CO members that have been making moves against him, and Claire talked to Hannah about her vote and Hannah tells her that she is leaning towards keeping her.

Tonight we will have an all-new episode of Big Brother! We will get to watch as Zingbot visits the house! Be on the lookout for my recap later tonight.

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