It was Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother 23 house and the final nominees for this week started their campaigns. The Big Brother 2021 houseguests are all speculating that it’s a Double Eviction and have started planning accordingly. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s live feeds right here for all the details!

We started the day off with Claire camtalking in the HN room about how bad she wants to be there but knows that even if she stays this week, she could easily be taken out in a Double Eviction. Later, Claire started her campaigning with Alyssa and tells her that she is pretty sure that if Alyssa didn’t win the POV this week, she would have gone out unanimously this week. Alyssa wonders why she thinks that and Claire tells her that everyone was saying it was supposed to be an easy week and now it’s not. She tells Alyssa that she is sure that she is going this week, not Xavier. Alyssa is confused as to why anyone would want to target them over Xavier.

Claire also mentioned to Alyssa that she is pretty sure that Tiffany knew she wouldn’t have the votes when she put her up. Alyssa wonders why Tiffany would put her up if she knew that she wouldn’t be staying. Alyssa tells Claire that Tiffany told her that there was no way that Xavier was going to stay this week if she didn’t use the Veto on him, why would she say that? Claire says because Tiffany didn’t want to have to put Claire on the block.

Claire goes to talk to Hannah after her conversation with Alyssa and tells her everything she said. Claire says she isn’t sure what Alyssa thinks is actually going on inside the house. Meanwhile, Alyssa is talking to Derek and Azah about HNs and she tells them that she is picking Tiffany if she can pick. Derek says that he is picking Azah because he needs her up there with Hannah and Tiffany. He says that they can’t be alone up there.

Alyssa talks to Hannah about how Tiffany told her that Xavier wasn’t safe this week, but she has everyone telling Alyssa that he is (when she was trying to get Alyssa to use the Veto on Xavier). She tells Hannah that Tiffany doesn’t realize that Hannah and Alyssa have orchestrated this whole thing and made her think that Xavier isn’t safe when he is.

Xavier started his one-on-ones with Azah and he tells her that he is starting to feel like everyone is looking at him as more of a threat. He adds that even if he is more of a threat if Claire stays this week that will open the door for her to work with Tiffany and Hannah. Azah asks Xavier if it’s true that Kyland doesn’t want to take a woman to F2 with him? Xavier says that it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to with the jury being majority female, but he hasn’t actually said that out loud to him.

Claire tells Tiffany that she thinks that she has Azah’s vote and Derek told her that Kyland might be voting to keep her too. Meanwhile, Alyssa is talking to Kyland and tells him that it’s obvious that he and Tiffany are close because he didn’t go up in place of Alyssa.

Xavier tells Hannah (and told Azah earlier) that he isn’t gunning for the HOH because he can’t be the one to put Alyssa up, but he is going to gun for the Veto. Hannah tells him that she feels like this HOH could be hers and he asks her if she would put him next to Alyssa. She tells him, yes and he tells her that he would rather not see the block again but knows that others are considering it too. She tells him that if he had any major objections, she could always put Kyland up next to Alyssa, but she would rather not upset Kyland.

Hannah tells Xavier that she would really like Xavier to have a shot at the Veto too. She mentions that if Alyssa wins the Veto again, she would put Kyland up and he would go instead.

Kyland actually told Azah that he doesn’t see a scenario where they would take each other to F2. He says that he respects her as a person, but he doesn’t even see why they would have a F3 discussion with Derek.

Tiffany tells Azah that it felt good that she was able to be 90% honest with Claire this week. She does say that she lied to Claire when she asked Tiffany if they were all in an alliance because she felt like she had to protect the six. They talk about how no one is looking at Xavier as a target and the six are literally there to help him win the money. Tiffany then talks about how they would have a better shot at beating Kyland over Xavier. Azah tells her that she would be okay with any of the women and Xavier winning the show because he has been loyal. She does add that she has a hard time with being okay with Kyland winning.

Tiffany mentions that putting Claire up was her way of proving that she is loyal to the six, but she doesn’t feel like Xavier would have done the same if he was in her position. Azah agrees that Xavier would have had a hard time putting Alyssa up and she isn’t sure that he would.

Azah talked to Claire and told her that she wasn’t sure about her vote yet. Claire mentioned that this might be her only chance to get Xavier out. After her talk with Azah, Claire tells Tiffany that sometimes she just wants to grab Azah and shake her and remind her that she is playing for almost a million dollars. (I feel like a lot of us can relate to this…)

Xavier goes to talk to Tiffany and admits that he was super upset with Tiffany but after she followed through and put Claire up, he felt all that frustration leave him. He tells her that they are good and everyone seems to be looking at Kyland and Derek. After that talk, Hannah came in to talk to Tiffany and tells her that Xavier had asked what was going on with her (T) and Kyland. She tells Tiffany that Xavier has noticed they are getting closer and has seen Kyland come upstairs all hours of the night.

Hannah tells Tiffany that she plans to renom Derek if Alyssa comes down, but she wants Derek to stay, not Xavier. Tiffany tells Hannah that she plans to help Claire with her speech and plant seeds about Xavier.

Claire talked to Kyland for a long time last night and after her talk with him, she realized that she was definitely getting evicted this week. She goes to talk to Tiffany and they work on her eviction speech. Later, before bed, Kyland tells Tiffany that he doesn’t plan to fight hard for the HOH this week, however, if he can he will stay in it until Alyssa is out.

The Cookout is starting to make plans past this week’s Double Eviction and trying to figure out which of the six they want out first. It’s going to make for an interesting night if Alyssa wins the HOH during the DE. Make sure you come back for all the predictions and spoilers throughout the day!

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