It is Live Eviction night in the Big Brother 23 house and tonight we will watch either Brent or Britini walk out of the Big Brother house. The target has clearly been painted on Brent’s back, but he thinks that he has the votes to stay in the game. Will he be blindsided by the entire house on Big Brother 2021? Refresh this page often to get all the details of tonight’s episode and find out!

Tonight we will start off the live show with a look at the aftermath of the POV Ceremony and Brent telling the houseguests that everything is going according to plan. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t realize that his team has turned their backs on him and that the plan is to get rid of him, not Britini. Get all the details of tonight’s episode right here and be on the lookout for the HOH competition results for week 4 right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

After the Power of Veto Ceremony took place, we get a look at Brent talking about the Mafia alliance like it’s a real alliance. Little does he know, that alliance was only made so that he wouldn’t target the Queens if he won HOH. Brent also tells us that Xavier thinks that they are cool but he is playing calm, cool, and collected when in reality, he isn’t happy with Xavier. In fact, he plans to target him if he wins HOH.

DX and Hannah are having a conversation about Brent leaving when Brent walks over. We then get a look at the HGs trying to guess what everyone does for a living. Xavier has told everyone that he is a model and a bartender when in reality he is a lawyer. DF has said a few times that he thinks Xavier is smart enough to be a lawyer. Xavier tells the DR that DF has figured out what he does for a living but he still isn’t admitting it.

We get a look at Brent and Whitney talking and she is trying to give him advice on how to talk to people and how to act around the house. He tells her that his strategy has been amazing so far and Whitney asks if it really is that amazing if he’s being targeted. He tells her that’s why he thinks he’s a target and she reiterates that his game might not be that amazing if that’s the case.

Julie says that with the Aces most likely losing a member of their team, the target is shifting to the team with all their players still in the game, the Kings. The Aces talk about how they have to gun for the HOH this week to take a shot at them, but DX is in a sticky situation where he is aligned with the Kings and can’t be the one to take that shot.

We then get a look at Alyssa telling DX and Christian that it freaks her out that no one wants to win the HOH. She wonders if she should win it and DX asks her if she would target Whitney if she did. Alyssa says that she would and DX tells us that the last thing he wants is for the Aces to lose another member. Tiffany on the other hand is willing to stab the Kings in the back because they are the only team with four people left. Tiffany, Claire, and DX talk about how they should throw the HOH to someone that would take that shot. DX mentions that Whitney would take that shot.

The Kings talk in the HOH about how they have to win this week’s HOH. They agree that Whitney needs to be the target, but who would they put up next to her. Christian mentions Hannah’s name and SB says that Hannah is a huge threat in the house and she doesn’t talk game with her which makes it hard to trust her. Xavier tells us that he is in a sticky situation there too because he can’t outright say not to target her because then they will know he is working with her.

It is time for the live vote and eviction! Here is how the votes landed:

  • Christian – Brent
  • Azah – Brent
  • Derek X – Brent
  • Kyland – Brent
  • Claire – Brent
  • Hannah – Brent
  • Sarah Beth – Brent
  • Alyssa – Brent
  • Derek F – Brent
  • Whitney – Brent
  • Tiffany – Brent

There you have it, with a unanimous vote of 11-0, Brent has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Check out our Big Brother spoilers to find out what happened during tonight’s HOH competition right here!

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