Tonight on Big Brother 23, we will watch as Zingbot visits the house and roasts all of the houseguests before this week’s Power of Veto Competition. If you don’t want to wait and find out who won this week’s competition, check out our Big Brother spoilers to find out. Otherwise, refresh this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s episode!

We started this episode off with the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony. Tiffany tells us that she knows that Claire was the intended target this week, but with her in the HOH, she is not putting Claire up. Alyssa says that she isn’t surprised that she and Xavier are on the block, but she doesn’t know who Tiffany’s target is this week. Claire tells us that she is super excited that Tiffany is HOH and she is safe this week. Meanwhile, Xavier is really upset that Tiffany won the HOH because he is on the block for the third week in a row.

Alyssa and Xavier are talking in the backyard and he is trying to convince Alyssa that she is the target to further conceal the Cookout. Meanwhile, Tiffany is talking to Claire and Hannah about what could happen if Alyssa comes off the block. They all agree that they have to win so that Tiffany isn’t put in the position where she has to put up a third nominee.

Alyssa goes to Derek and asks her if she gets HG Choice, will he play for her? He tells her that he will, but he tells us that he won’t be using the veto on Alyssa because he isn’t sure that Tiffany will actually put Claire on the block if someone comes down. We then get a look at a conversation between Xavier and Derek where Xavier is telling Derek that he is annoyed with Tiffany because he has been throwing comps and making sacrifices for the Cookout, but Tiffany is playing selfishly right now.

Xavier throws out the idea of winning the Veto and then using the veto on Alyssa. He says that either Alyssa comes down and Claire goes up and Tiffany ruins her game. Or she puts another member of the Cookout up and still ruins her game. Derek tells us that he loves a messy plan, but he doesn’t love a messy plan that might put him in danger of going on the block. Xavier tells us that why should he continue to do things for the Cookout if they aren’t all working for the betterment of the group.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Tiffany pulls HG Choice and picks Hannah to play, Xavier pulls Derek’s chip, and Alyssa pulls Azah’s chip. While the HGs are all relaxing waiting for the Veto Comp to begin when all of a sudden Zingbot comes over the speakers telling the houseguests to meet him out in the backyard!

He calls them all losers and then proceeds to roast them. He tells Alyssa that she is dim (dumb), Xavier that he has a crush on himself, and says that some things never get old, but Tiffany does. He calls Claire bigfoot, calls Hannah boring, and tells Derek that he has made quite the mark in the house, too bad it’s in the toilet. He tells the HGs that he can accurately and can predict that three things will never happen time travel, teleportation, or Xavier going on a date with Azah. He tells Kyland that listening to him talk is like sitting by a brook, a babbling brook, and then tells him to shut the f*** up.

It is time for the Veto Competition to happen! The HGs will have to stack 21 cocktails into a pyramid on the table. The catch is, they are all huge and these cocktails and tables are super tiny! The first HG to get all 21 cocktails in a pyramid will win this week’s POV! A lot of the HGs were having a hard time keeping their cocktails on the table, meanwhile, Alyssa is down to her final three cocktails.

Unfortunately, she drops a few, which allows Derek to get to his last one. Then all of a sudden, he hits the bar and drops a bunch of them. Alyssa gets to the last one but drops half of the glasses. She decides it’s best to start over because her base is getting really shakey. Lucky for her, everyone else is having a hard time keeping their pyramids up too. Tiffany is down to her last few, but so is Alyssa. Tiffany drops a few and Alyssa is able to get hers put together and wins this week’s Power of Veto Competition!

Tiffany tells us that this is the absolute worst predicament for her to be in, meanwhile, Xavier is laughing pretty hard at Tiffany’s current situation. Xavier, Azah, and Derek are all talking after the comp and they are wondering what Tiffany is going to do. They don’t think that Claire is going up on the block, but putting up a Cookout member will ruin Tiffany’s chances of winning this game. Tiffany talks to Hannah about how to frame her talk with Claire. Hannah tells her that she could just frame it like Tiffany has deals with them.

Hannah goes to talk to Xavier and Derek about how Tiffany is planning to put Claire up and framing it like she has deals with them all. Xavier is worried that if she doesn’t word it correctly, she will unintentionally expose the Cookout, and then Alyssa will find out also.

We get a look at Tiffany trying to break the news to Claire that she will be put up as a replacement nominee. She tells Claire that her target this week was Alyssa, but game aside, her own personal preference, she doesn’t want to be the one to send Azah, Xavier, Kyland, Hannah, or Derek home and doesn’t want to put any of them next to Xavier. Tiffany tells her that she has run out of people to put up and Claire realizes that means she is going up. Claire asks her if she is in an alliance with them and she tells her no, she just has her own personal feelings about how she needs to play this game.

It is time for the Veto Meeting. Alyssa used the Veto on herself and Tiffany replaced her with Claire.

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