We have made it to the Final Four on Big Brother 23 and tonight is the final Power of Veto competition of the summer! Xavier is the Head of Household and he has nominated Kyland and Azah this week, but it all comes down to the Power of Veto on Big Brother 2021. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode. If you don’t want to wait to find out what happens, check out my Big Brother spoilers for all the details!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 off with the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony. Xavier talks about how his biggest goal is to make sure that he and Derek make it to the Final 3. Azah isn’t sure where she stands in the house. Azah asks Derek if he has a F3 with the guys and he tells her no. Derek admits to Azah that he has a F2 deal with Xavier and Kyland separately since the start and she tells him that is essentially a F3 with the guys. She realizes that she should have kept Hannah this week and got rid of one of the guys. She tells Derek that if she doesn’t win the Veto, she’s going to Jury.

Derek tells Kyland that potentially getting rid of Azah is killing him, but Kyland tells him that he is having this conversation with someone who is trying to make it to three. Kyland tells us that he feels like Derek is using this conversation to get reassurances that they are still good. Kyland isn’t giving him that and he walks out of the room.

Azah talks to Xavier and asks him if he is committed to taking big competitors to F3? Xavier tells her that he is most interested in bringing people who will best represent the first African-American winner of Big Brother and all four of them will do that. Xavier tells us that he still believes that he can beat Kyland in a F2, if he brings Derek and Azah to F3 then his chances of winning are exponentially higher.

Derek tries to talk to Kyland again about their F2 deal but Kyland is still not giving Derek anything. Derek then tells Kyland that he is going to consider their F2 dead since he won’t give him any kind of reassurance. Kyland tells Derek that he thinks he will do better if he leaves the conversation and walks out of the HOH room where they were talking.

We then get a video montage of Kyland sniffing everything in the house because that is something he does rather frequently and it’s a quirky habit that Xavier has noticed. After that, we get a look at Derek and Xavier talking in the HOH room about who gives them the best chance of getting to F2 together. Xavier is trying to plant seeds about potentially voting out Kyland. Derek is worried that if Azah sneaks into F2, she might win and he feels she hasn’t done enough to deserve being in F3.

Since Xavier won the HOH, he gets to see the premiere of CSI: Vegas before it airs and is able to bring one person with him. He chooses to bring Azah since she won HOH, but didn’t get to experience the full thing. After she and Xavier watched CSI: Vegas together, Derek apologizes to Azah for making her feel like he wasn’t going to take her because he has realized that she is the only one in the house that has cared about him and his game the whole time. She tells us that she is happy he is thinking about taking her, but he still has deals with Xavier and Kyland which makes her nervous.

It is time for the final Veto of the summer! In this comp, the HGs will be given an event and they will then have to walk balls with numbers on them across a seesaw. The HGs will have to be careful not to knock their balls out because if one falls out, they will have to start over. Also, they have to pay attention to the numbers on the balls because they must add up to the day for that event. Each HG will get a strike if they are last to answer and when they get two strikes, they are eliminated.

Here is who got a strike after each round:

  1. Derek
  2. Kyland
  3. Kyland (Eliminated)
  4. Azah
  5. Azah (Eliminated)
  6. Derek (Eliminated)

With no strikes, Xavier wins the Final Power of Veto for Big Brother 2021! Kyland is definitely nervous about not having any control over his own fate this week.

We end the episode off with Kyland beating himself up in the Have-Not Room for not winning this POV. He tells us that he is trusting Xavier and Derek with his future in the game and even though they have a deal, the paranoia is getting to him. Xavier comes in and tells Kyland that he is going to wait until tomorrow to do all his Veto talks. Kyland reminds Xavier that he has always been loyal to him and Xavier reassures him that he will be fine and that actions speak louder than words.

Kyland finds Xavier not wanting to have Veto talks right away very telling of how this week can go. Azah says that if Derek isn’t willing to vote Kyland out, she will make sure that Xavier knows that she will. Derek tells us that it’s really hard for him to decide whether Kyland or Azah will be leaving this week. Xavier tells us that getting Derek to vote out Kyland would be huge, but he has to make sure that Derek is willing to make this move.

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