Tonight on Big Brother 23 we will watch as three houseguests compete in this week’s Wildcard Competition where the winner will be offered safety. After the Wildcard Competition takes place, we will watch as Xavier nominates two of his fellow Big Brother HGs for eviction. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2021 and feel free to join in the conversation below!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with a look at the house after Xavier won the HOH competition. With Xavier winning the HOH, Christian, Alyssa, and Sarah Beth are all safe this week. Kyland, Claire, and Tiffany are also working with Xavier and his team so they are feeling pretty good. They actually have an alliance including all of them and Derek X called the Royal Flush. Britini is talking to Azah and she tells her that she feels like she is fine this week.

We get a look at a conversation between Brent and Hannah where Brent says that he doesn’t feel like men can be friends with women they find attractive. He says that no matter what, men will always try to make a pass at them. He then goes to talk to Alyssa and tells her that he is working with her because he trusts her, not because he wants to date her. We get more clips of some of his egotistical comments and Xavier tells us that everyone at this point, everyone is sick of Brent.

Tiffany talks to Xavier about the possibility of putting up Brent and Xavier says he will do what he has to do. After Xavier leaves, Tiffany talks to the cameras a little bit about how she feels good because she is in a few alliances with Xavier. She then goes out into the seaglass room to grab some of her things and move them to the other room and she runs into Whitney. She goes back into the other room and tells us that she loves Whitney on a personal level, but in the game, she has to go next.

We get a look at Hannah admitting that she has a crush on Derek X, Derek X also telling us that he thinks she is cute. We get a look at SB talking about how Brent, Christian, and Xavier all have a crush on Alyssa, which is accurate. However, Alyssa and Christian are getting closer and closer to being in a showmance.

Hannah and DX talk about the Wildcard Comp and she asks him if he is going to try and win it. He tells her that he is going to throw it so that Brent doesn’t have a shot at safety because in the past the Wildcard Comp has given people and members of their team safety.

It’s time for the Wildcard Competition! Aces, Queens, and Jokers have to figure out who they are sending in to play from their teams. Tiffany, Britini, and DX are all chosen to play this week. We get a look at DX and Tiffany talking about how they can’t let Britini win and DX can’t win so Tiffany has to win.

In this competition, the HGs will have to place cards that add up to 13 in their opponent’s cardholder. The HGs will have to run across a balance beam to get to the cardholders on the other end. The balance beams move though which is making this competition even more difficult.

DX and Tiffany are ganging up on Britini trying to get her out of the competition first. Britini gets to the end and has a card that can eliminate DX, but she doesn’t realize that and puts it in Tiffany’s holder. DX does manage to switch out one of Britini’s cards to eliminate her first. Now it’s up to DX and Tiffany. Tiffany switches out a few more of DX’s cards and manages to eliminate DX rather quickly.

Tiffany is told that she can be safe this week, but if she chooses to take safety, a game of chance will also keep one person from the Aces and Jokers to be safe also! Tiffany decides NOT to pick safety so that there is no chance for Brent to get safety as well.

Xavier is talking to Tiffany about his rationalization of putting Brent and Britini up together. He tells Azah the same plan and Azah isn’t happy about it. Xavier explains to her that if he puts Brent and Whitney up together then Brent is going to freak out, but if he puts Britini up, he will be calmer. Azah tells him that she does not want Britini up again and is begging him to put her up instead. Xavier says that if people didn’t play so emotionally this would be so much easier.

Xavier tells Brent that he needs him to play in the Power of Veto. Brent tells him that he can’t go up, he’s too much of a threat. He says he isn’t pawn material. Xavier tells us that asks him if he feels like him putting Brent up that he is betraying him? Brent tells him, yes and his team feels like that too (they do not feel that way because they all threw comps to make sure he wasn’t safe this week).

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony! Xavier nominates Brent and Britini. He tells Brent that he thinks he is trustworthy and is a hell of a competitor and feels that putting him up ensures that sending his target home this week will go smoothly. He tells Britini that he thinks that if she was given the opportunity to, she would nominate him. He then tells us that Brent is really his target and Britini is just a pawn. He just hopes that the right person wins the POV to keep his plan going in the right direction.

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