Another Veto Ceremony has come and gone inside the Big Brother 23 house. This week we watched as Tiffany won the HOH for week 8 of Big Brother 2021. She then went on to nominate Kyland and Sarah Beth with Xavier being put up as a third nominee. Claire then went on to dethrone Tiffany as HOH but kept her original noms on the block. The Power of Veto took place and now it’s time to find out if the Veto will be used on any of the three noms! Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to find out!

As we know, Kyland, Sarah Beth, and Xavier were joined by Hannah, Alyssa, and Claire for this week’s Power of Veto Competition. Kyland has been campaigning for the Veto to be used on him so that he can give SB a pity vote at this week’s live vote and eviction. However, when he brought the idea up to Xavier, Xavier said that he would be willing to throw SB a sympathy vote if Kyland can’t.

Kyland continued to try and make an argument for him to come down, but the rest of the Cookout don’t trust that Kyland won’t try and campaign for SB to stay. So what did Hannah decide to do with the Veto? Let’s find out!

The Veto Ceremony Results for Week 8 are:

  • Hannah used the Veto on Xavier
  • No Replacement Nom needed to be named
  • Kyland and Sarah Beth are final noms for the week

There you have it, Kyland and SB remain on the block and now Xavier is safe from eviction for the week. Will Xavier throw SB a pity vote like he promised Kyland? We will have to wait and see on Thursday. Regardless of the pity vote, as of now, the vote should be overwhelmingly in Kyland’s favor.

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