It is Power of Veto Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and it’s going to be interesting to see how this week’s competition plays out. But first, let’s find out which of the Big Brother 2021 houseguests will compete in this week’s Power of Veto competition! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out and be on the lookout for competition results coming up later on.

What a week it’s been inside the Big Brother 23 house with Tiffany kicking off the week with a Head of Household win. At yesterday’s Nomination Ceremony, she went on to place Kyland and Sarah Beth on the block with SB as her target. We also know that Xavier is on the block this week due to his third nominee punishment that he received at last week’s Power of Veto competition.

If you caught the High Roller’s Room twist spoilers from yesterday, then you know that Tiffany is no longer Head of Household since Claire won the coin flip for the Coin of Destiny twist. This means that Claire is now an anonymous HOH for Week 8, but she did decide to keep Tiffany’s nominations the same and plans to work with if a renom has to be named. In order to keep the HOH anonymous, Claire found out this morning that the three nominees would be the only ones picking chips for the Veto players.

Let’s find out who’s chips were picked and who will be playing this week on Big Brother 23, shall we?

The Power of Veto Players for Week 8 are:

  • Xavier, Kyland, and Sarah Beth (Noms)
  • Claire, Alyssa, and Hannah
  • Azah is hosting

Right now the best-case scenario for Tiffany and Claire is that Xavier is taken off the block at this week’s Veto Ceremony. The worst-case scenario for this week would be for Sarah Beth to win since she is this week’s target. I’ll let you know who wins as soon as the feeds come back after the competition takes place!

Who do you want to see win?

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