It is the start of a new week inside the Big Brother 23 house and the houseguests have now competed in the Wildcard Comp. Now that the Big Brother live feeds are back up, we have the results of the competition and the stipulations attached to it. Find out who won and what they earned because of it right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Xavier is the new Head of Household and his current plan is to nominate Brent, but he isn’t sure who he is going to put up next to him. There have been a couple of names floating around, but until the Wildcard Competition happened, he didn’t want to put anything out there. Since Brent wasn’t eligible to compete in this week’s Wildcard Competition, the only thing Xavier needed was for whoever played from the Aces to throw the comp so Brent didn’t somehow end up with safety due to their win.

Now, before the feeds went down, we didn’t really know for sure who was playing from each team. We knew that Xavier wanted Derek X to play and he was going to run it by his team. When the feeds came back up, we found out that Tiffany, Derek X, and Britini all played in this week’s Wildcard Competition.

Let’s find out who won!

The Wildcard Comp Winner for Week 3 is:

  • Tiffany

Tiffany went on to win the Wildcard Competition and decided not to use the power that was given to her. At this point, we are still unsure as to what kind of power she was offered, but we will find out all those details on Sunday night’s episode at the very latest. Now, all we have left for today is the Nomination Ceremony. Be on the lookout for Nomination Ceremony spoilers coming up later on!

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