Yesterday, America gave Kryssie Ridolfi the first Big Brother Over the Top Care Package. It contained a “Save a Friend” power. Kryssie could use this Big Brother Over the Top power to save a fellow player from nominations.

Kryssie Ridolfi

Kryssie analyzed and debated who America wanted her to use the BBOTT power on and save from eviction. Kryssie knew that she would likely give it to Justin Duncan or Jason Roy, who were her closest allies.

However, Shane Chapman and Danielle Lickey made attempts to convince Kryssie to save one of them. They feared (rightfully) that one of them would get targeted this week.

This morning, Shane even tried to save Danielle by asking Kryssie to use it on her. However, current head of household Alex Willett plotted to make sure that Kryssie worried about Jason’s safety.

She wanted Kryssie to use the power on Jason, so that she still had Danielle and Shane as her target. Justin would become a possible backdoor. Kryssie dropped hints on Jason not exactly being safe this week.

Jason Roy and Kryssie Ridolfi

In the end, Alex’s work came through. Kryssie used the ‘Save a Friend’ on Jason. This week, Jason will be safe from nominations and evictions.

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