Yesterday I asked you all to vote on who your favorite Big Brother 21 houseguest is and now I have the results of how you all voted! Keep reading to find out who you all voted as your favorite HG right here! If you have missed out on anything that has happened inside the Big Brother house, check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up!

Here are the results of our poll! I will give you the top three and then post the remaining results underneath!

1.) Nicole Anthony

Nicole has laid pretty low in the Big Brother house and she is very selective about who she talks game with inside the house. This could be a good thing because it keeps her under the radar, however, it could also burn her later if she continues to be a floater in this game. Lucky for her there are three showmances in the house and another pair working closely together, therefore, there are bigger targets in the house.

2.) Sam Smith

The Gr8ful alliance has been keeping Sam close to the group and has proven that he stays loyal and keeps his word when he says he is going to do something. Case and point, using the POV to take Cliff off the block last week. He seems to have a pretty good understanding of this game and how not to become a target, but he does still need to keep an eye on some of the people he is choosing to work with.

3.) Tommy Bracco

Then there was Tommy. Tommy has a really good understanding of how this game works and because of that, he and Christie have been able to successfully keep their secret under wraps. He is entertaining, although a little over the top, and the HGs within his alliance seem to value his opinion, however, he is also not afraid to play the game.

Here is how the rest of the HGs landed in the poll results. Make sure you come back later tonight for our Big Brother 21 live recap starting at 9/8c!

What do you think of the poll results? Is there anyone you think should be higher or lower in the rankings?

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