It is that time of the day where I give you all the results of the favorite Big Brother HG poll for week 8! I will say, I’m a little surprised by the the results this week as we added two new HGs to the top 3! Find out where your favorite Big Brother 20 HG landed in the results below!

3. JC

This is the first time JC has made the top three in our poll results. This week JC took just under 10% of the votes and I’m guessing that it has a lot to do with the way he was able to talk Fessy into nominating one of his very own alliance members. He has been planting seeds all season, but has been staying under the radar pretty well with everyone in the house. We are 8 weeks in and he has yet to hit the chopping block.

2. Brett

Brett has been playing a pretty good game inside the house, but his jury management is not so good. He managed to infiltrate the other side of the house last week, but blew up his own game in his Good-Bye Message to Rockstar last week. He took just over 10% of the votes this week and I’m curious to see if he remains a fan favorite going into the final weeks.

1. Tyler

I think at this point, Tyler being in the number one position shouldn’t be a surprise. He is playing a great game and has been a part of a pretty solid alliance. He also hasn’t managed to tick off too many people in the house so jury management doesn’t seem to be an issue for Tyler this season. I’m willing to bet that with 52% of the votes this week, Tyler will be a permanent fixture at the top of our poll results.

Here is where the rest of the HGs landed in order from the greatest to least amount of votes:

  • Sam
  • Haleigh
  • Scottie
  • Kaycee
  • Angela
  • Fessy

I find it pretty funny that Fessy is at the bottom of the poll considering he is currently the HOH. What do you think of this week’s results? Stay tuned for my live recap later tonight of the Zingbot Hide and Go Veto Comp!

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