This week of Big Brother 20 has been a pretty good one so far and I have noticed that some of you have changed your opinions this week. Keep reading my Big Brother 20 poll results to find out where your favorite HGs landed in the ranks this week. If you have missed any of the action in the Big Brother house, make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up! 

Here are our Big Brother 20 favorite HG poll results!

3. Haleigh

Since hitting the block this week, Haleigh has really started to work on her social game with the other HGs in the house. I won’t spoil what the plan is for this week, but she knows that if she doesn’t try to better her social game, she will find herself in a tough spot come eviction night. Haleigh took 9% of the votes this week in our poll.

2. Sam

Sam was a fan favorite in the beginning, she kind of lost her way for a while and started acting a little crazy, but she seems to be doing better lately. This week Sam took 11% of the votes and she seems to be keeping her emotional game play under wraps. Hopefully she can keep the target off her back in the upcoming weeks.

1. Tyler

Surprise, surprise. With 56% of the votes this week Tyler is sitting at the top of the ranks. This doesn’t surprise anyone at this point, right? Honestly, Tyler has been playing an impeccable game thus far and has managed to stay off the radar for the most part. I’m sure Tyler will continue to be in the number one spot in the weeks to come.

Here is where all the other HGs landed in order from the most to the least amount of votes.

  • Angela
  • Brett
  • JC
  • Kaycee
  • Fessy

There you have it. Make sure you come back later and watch Big Brother 20 with me to find out what the nine and a half hour POV Comp was all about!

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