It was Veto Ceremony yesterday in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house and we not only learned who the final noms were but throughout the day we got a better idea of who the target is for this round. If you missed the spoilers from yesterday, you can get all caught up with them right here. In the meantime, keep reading this page to get all the important details from yesterday’s Celebrity Big Brother 2019 live feeds!

Yesterday’s Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feeds started off with a conversation between Ryan and Jonathan regarding the ladies in the house. Jonathan tells Ryan that he thinks the ladies want Joey on the block, but Ryan is worried that it means Joey is the target. Jonathan thinks putting Joey on the block would stop anyone from thinking the three of them are working together. Dina’s name was also mentioned for renom, but they were concerned that putting Dina up would take votes away from Kandi.

A little later, Jonathan tells Ryan that he thinks the girls are already against them and Lolo’s name gets thrown around for renom by Ryan. Jonathan is worried that he will end up voted out if Lolo is sitting next to him because the other women aren’t going to vote Lolo out. Ryan then decides that he is going to try and make the girls feel included in his plan and asks them who he should put up in Tom’s place. They basically tell him it’s his decision and when he leaves they all talk about how shady it is that he is all of a sudden including them in this.

After Ryan leaves the room, he asks Joey if he would be okay going up in a pawn situation and Joey agrees to it if that’s what needs to be done. Right before the Veto Ceremony, Joey tells Dina that one of them is going up regardless, but it isn’t going to matter. Feeds go down for the Veto Ceremony and when they come back we find out that Kato used the POV to save Tom and Joey was put up in Tom’s place.

Tom and Kato have a conversation shortly after the Veto Ceremony about who should go this week. They think they need to keep Kandi safe and Kato mentions that Ricky is on board with voting out Jonathan. Tom does say that Joey being on the block is tempting, but when they talk to Ricky about it he is less than thrilled about the idea of not getting Jonathan out this round. They continue to chat and Ricky mentions that Tamar is probably going to vote out Kandi, but mentions that Lolo and Natalie are on board with voting Jonathan out.

There is a conversation later between Ryan and Joey. Ryan tells Joey that he thinks he made a mistake putting him up. The HGs are a little paranoid that two of the noms will be going home because BB is insistent on having three noms. Joey thinks that he has a chance to go home over Jonathan. Joey does tell Ryan not to feel bad about putting him up though. Ryan, Joey, and Jonathan continue to chat about the chance of this being a double eviction and Joey thinks that it will be Kandi and himself going, but Jonathan thinks that it will be Joey and himself going. Jonathan doesn’t think it’s going to be a double though because Anthony already left. They send Kandi home and they are good to go. (Except he is the target on the other side of the house)

There was some drama in the house per usual. Lolo was upset because the only thing she asked for in the house was mint leaves and someone in the house used them all on her. Tamar spent most of the day in bed crying, Tom and Kato actually compared her to Metta and how when he wasn’t happy in the house, he wanted to quit. Tamar said that everyone thinks she is upset over personal feelings, but she is upset because Ryan and Jonathan lied to them, but still pushed for Kandi to be evicted when she wasn’t hiding under her blanket.

Tamar is also the type of person who if you say something she doesn’t like, you are the enemy. Ricky made the mistake of telling Tamar that she is being too paranoid about the Kandi situation and Tamar went off. She then tells Lolo and Natalie that Ricky is a liar. He denied being alone talking with Kandi after the Veto Ceremony, but Tamar is insistent that she saw him leave a room that only he and Kandi were in.

We also go a little bit of information late on the feeds from Tom. Tom is talking to Dina and Kato and he is wondering why Anthony was pushing to win the HOH so hard if he was just a plant in the house. He also wonders if Anthony had somewhere to go and talk to Julie. Later, Tom was doing a lot of camtalking and giving a house tour and during the house tour, he visits the memory wall. He points to Anthony’s picture and says that the Mooch is now grey because he pulled a hilarious prank on us. Mentions that he was a mole and he was duped. He mentions that he had a lot of talks with him during his time in the house.

The HGs all then headed to bed. Tamar and Ricky have their drama to add to the Tamar and Kandi drama and the Lolo and Ryan/Jonathan drama. Things are going to stay interesting in the Celebrity Big Brother house, that’s for sure. It looks like Jonathan is in some trouble this week, but Kandi has a few people gunning for her too. Eviction on Friday could be a doozy.

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