With the Power of Veto and Eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2 coming up on Monday, Sundays feeds had a lot of talk about what they should do. Who would be voted out if the noms stayed the same? Who will be renom’d if one of the noms come down after POV? Get all the details of the chats happening in the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 house right here with our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers

Yesterday’s feeds started off with a conversation between Kato and Natalie where Natalie is still trying to convince Kato that Ricky can be trusted. He is worried that Ricky is working with the other side of the house because Ricky refuses to commit to an alliance. When Kato tells Tom that Ricky wants to be part of their alliance, according to Natalie and Lolo, Tom isn’t buying it. Tom wants Ricky to be the renom if one of the current noms comes down, but Kato doesn’t want to ruin the trust between them and the girls. Tom tells Kato that if Ryan wins the POV and saves Dina, Ryan can’t be renom’d.

Ryan and Joey talk and Ryan tells Joey that he is worried that there might be a plan to BD Ryan in the works. After this, Joey, Dina, and Ryan talk about seeing Natalie, Lolo, Kato, and Tom all talking the night before. Dina tells them that she thinks that Ricky and Kandi are working together, but they aren’t part of the bigger alliance. Ryan, Dina, and Joey later agree to try and work on getting Kandi on their side because they aren’t sure that Ricky can be trusted.

Ricky went and talked to Tom. Ricky suggested to Tom that they should come up with a name for their five-person alliance. This chat was Lolo’s idea to try and get Tom to trust Ricky a little more. Apparently, it worked too because Tom went to Kato and told him about this conversation and told Kato that he felt better about Ricky and that he was fine with Ricky joining their alliance. Kato tells Tom that in that case, if Ryan should win the POV and save Dina, he will renom Joey in her place.

Because the POV is happening live on Monday’s show, people went to Kato to find out if they were in danger of being a renom and asked him whether or not they should pack ahead of the live show. Ryan and Joey did and Kato told them that he wasn’t completely sure about what he was going to do, but did mention that it was a possibility. Ryan thanks him for being honest and then adds that Kato might be being played by another HG. After this, Kato reported to Tom the conversation he had with Ryan and Joey. Tom tells Kato that he doesn’t think that Kato shouldn’t have to warn the guys and that they should just pack and be ready to go.

Tamar has been attempting to play both sides of the house. She talked to Lolo about not wanting to go home and Lolo told her that she and Natalie aren’t voting for Tamar to go. Lolo also told Tamar that she should talk to Ricky. Meanwhile, Tamar tells Joey, Ryan, and Kandi that they are all safe if she should stay and win the POV. She also tells them that she wants to break up Natalie and Lolo, Tom and Kato. She tells them that if she wins HOH, she is putting one from each group up.

Last night right before the HGs went to bed, Tom, Kato, and Ricky have a conversation about the POV plans. Dina and Tamar are currently on the block, if one of their alliance members wins the POV then Dina will be taken off the block and Ryan will be BD’d. If Ryan wins the POV and take Dina down, Joey will be the renom and Joey will be voted out. If the noms stay the same, Tamar will be voted out over Dina.

Things have the potential to get interesting tonight on the live show! What do you hope happens during the live POV, POV ceremony and live eviction? Let me know in the comments below or on social media! Make sure you come back tonight for our live recap of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother starting at 8/7c!

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